Unexpected Motivation.

I am going to apologise to those of you who follow me for my crafting because this is yet another running based one. This makes it three in a very short while, sorry.  I am working on crafty posts with a photography based one coming very soon. I promise!

The prompt for this post has been a couple of conversations that I have had recently following the 10k race. These comments have made me feel guilty about my actions towards the end of the race, but they have also made me realise that motivation sometimes comes from the oddest places! Let me explain:

I am very lucky to know many lovely people who run locally and for a variety of reasons, I have admiration for them all. The person which this revolves around works extremely hard at her running, something that has really began to pay off recently.

In previous races she has been slower than me (probably mainly because my legs are a tad longer than hers). During the 10K however, she caught me up. Indeed at one point I thought that she was going to over take me. I have nothing but complete admiration for her because this means that her training has worked. My guilt however comes at the very end when we were both sprinting to the finish. One mutual friend said that she was really trying to overtake me and I really wish that I had been a bigger person and let her win. (I didn’t!) It would probably have meant more to her than me beating her and I denied her that.

Since then I have realised that I owe her a lot. For one, had she not been there I would not have run so hard at the end. At the end of a hill (about 8.5k) I honestly felt that my legs had nothing left. Had she not been there I would probably have given up. I didn’t and as such feel like I did my best. (Probably a first for me!) Another thing that I have her to thank her for is that she has shown me how proper training really can make a difference to your performance. I am now determined to try harder at every training session so I can see that for myself.

This has to be my motto from now on. I sometimes wonder if I make excuses and don’t give quite 100% so I have an excuse if things do not go to plan?

So, in summary, she gave me an awful lot and in return I gave her…… ? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

Well from now on I am anyway!!



9 thoughts on “Unexpected Motivation.

  1. gmaellenscraftycorner

    Great blog post.
    I have a competitive nature as well. What you gave to her??? Well, in my world, you never get better until you go up against someone better than you. Hopefully you gave her something to aspire to. It takes moxy to put all this down in writing. My hat is off to you! Good luck in all your ventures . . .

  2. Alison Willcocks

    We all have things, that in hindsight, we would have done differently. I don’t think you would have done your friend any favours if you had ‘let’ her win, this will probably make her even more determined to beat you next time – you better keep your training at 110%!

  3. KAB

    If she’s reading this she’ll know that when she does beat you, she did it on merit and not because you let her win! It’ll mean a whole lot more!

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