True Dedication?

Like most of the country I woke up this morning to frozen, half melted snow (an English specialty I believe!). At 07.15 I received a text from my friend asking me if I was going to go running this morning as planned. My answer?’ ????’ My gut feeling was that the chances are that we would slip and end up breaking a bone thus scuppering all future training. The sensible thing, therefore, would probably have been to miss this one in the hope the terrain improved for tomorrow.

But NO. We are not talking about any runners here – we are hard-core. The real deal. After a quick discussion having delivered our children to various places we came to the conclusion that we had 2 choices: Run on the roads that had been gritted or run on grass. In the end we plumped for the grass option.

We ended up running around this field a few times. 7 times to be exact. It was not at all easy – very cold (not great for my asthma), foggy (did I mention that), an icy wind, uneven and wet but, importantly, not icy! I found that I used different muscles than usual. 3 miles felt like 10!

Annoyingly the ice disappeared through the day and had we waited we would have been able to go on the roads. Still we had a good workout and you never do know what it will do later. It may have got worse.

Have you done anything like this or are you far too sensible?


We had a snowman cheering us on! (you need to look very carefully!)

We are hoping the weather improves for our training runs later this week!

18 thoughts on “True Dedication?

        1. healthyfrenchie

          I remember not going to school as a kid because there was a sprinkle of snow on the ground in France lol And I would never have driven in snow / ice at home either…

  1. raphaele42

    Yes, this is true dedication. We don’t even have snow here but it is cold and damp so I was thinking I could skip tomorrow’s training? But after reading your post I feel I have to go 🙂

  2. byhook

    I am so impressed. And conversely, mortified that I opted not to go for a walk last night in a little bit of drizzle. You certainly are hardcore 🙂

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