Learning How To Take Decent Photographs (Part 2)

English: A photo of a Voigtlander Vito II came...

Since my first post on this subject I have been busy experimenting with the different settings on the camera. I am more confident using it although I still have a very long way to go. The one tip that I have picked up on from the comments on my last post is where to take  photographs at this time of year when the light is so poor. (I am really sorry but I cannot find the comment and so am unable to give the person who suggested this full credit  – if it was you then do please let me know so I can amend this please.)

Bath tub in bathroom next to fire place

No, this is not my bathroom.

Do you get the idea? When I read this I had one of those light bulb moments. My bathroom is tiled in light tiles, my bath is white and I have a velux window letting in a lot of un-obscured light. Perfect, except it has prompted some rather interesting questions from my family (me, fully dressed, crouched in the bath taking photos? yup hee, hee ). it does seem to give better all round light.

This is one example.

This is one example.

Tunisian Wire BraceletSo what next? (apart from a lot more practice) The next thing in the book is editing. Now I have had a little experience with Photoshop. It involved a lot of very long hours, lots of hunting for help on You-tube and a more frustration (just to add to all this my version is VERY old and doesn’t seem to do quite what it should!). I was going to look into this a bit more so I could share some of the wisdom I had learnt with you. BUT I visited Handmade Harbour.

In celebration of the 100th Handmade Monday Wendy is having 5 days of giveaways. Today’s giveaway is photo editing software from Magix.  Wendy gives it positive reviews which sounds encouraging. Now I am not saying that I will win it but it I have entered and may just put off struggling with Photoshop until I find out that I haven’t won. I will then make the decision as to buy that one or …? Whilst on the subject entry to the giveaway is really easy. Details can be found here. I do encourage you to have a look – and whilst there have a look at the other giveaways she has had – up until now there has been a book for creatives wanting to sell their craft and money to spend on resources for craft. Two more on their way.

So until I know I shall hold off the editing part and continue on the practice. 🙂 Do you edit your photos? What program do you use?

21 thoughts on “Learning How To Take Decent Photographs (Part 2)

  1. healthyfrenchie

    I don’t really edit my photos beyond cropping… Does that make me a bad blogger? More seriously though, I think it’s great that you are working on your skills! Right now I have enough on my plate but I would love to work at it more when I have the time. And I’ll be able to just revisit your posts 😉

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      No I don’t think you are a bad blogger. I am looking at it with the view to selling one day and everyone says how important it is to have good photos. I am also enjoying it.

  2. Red Hen

    Love that you do more than run.I dream of being better at art & crafts so your posts are inspiring.Have only ever edited pics for websites so its mainly cropping &sizing,using Microsoft paint.

  3. claireabellemakes

    I try not to do too many post-edits but if I do (crop and lighten) I use Photoshop Lightroom which is fairly intuitive. There are some great free web editors out there such as picmonkey that could be useful for people without access to software.

    Love the idea of taking pics in the bath! Unfortunately this is somewhere my cat enjoys hanging out so I think she would get in the way.

  4. Jenny

    Hey there, loving your posts about photos, i am struggling so much with them myself! I have just made a discovery however that you may be interested in. http://www.picmonkey.com/ I put one of my rubbish photos in and had a good play and was able to improve it. It is so easy to use. The best thing is ……..it is FREE!

  5. Raphaele

    The bathroom seems to work well for you, it seems to give an even light to your objects. This is not an option for me. Incidentally, I am also working on my photography skills and the natural light in our dear Ireland is a real nightmare. I often use a lightbox to get even exposure for my smaller object, and take picture of my larger objects in my bedroom but only between 10 am and 12.00. And I do a lot of photoshopping, with which I need lot of help.

  6. Jenny

    Hope you don’t mind but I have linked your tutorial on my blog! It has been so helpful and I wanted to demonstrate my phographic journey!!! You have a great blog.
    Jen (www.alltcrafty.blogspot.com)

  7. Mythillogical (@Mythillogical)

    I do use photoshop- I don’t edit too much on my product shots, but I use it an awful lot for my illustration pieces. I’ve been using it for about 18 or so years, and have a couple of mini qualifications in it- (from going to Art school) but it’s got so much going on I’m still learning new tricks all the time! The old versions don’t so as much as the new, but they still do a heck of a lot! I’d be happy to try to help you work out how to use it if you have any questions you want answering.
    Your bathroom pictures do work beautifully!

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