Beginning Blogging – settings

Having covered most of the ‘big’ important decisions to be made when setting up a blog, today we are moving on to the more subtle things contained under settings. To find this head to your dashboard or blog admin and down the left you will find settings.

General Settings:

Here you will be able to add a bit more detail to your blog through choosing a TAGLINE. This is simply a few words to describe your blog. Mine is:

family life, running, knitting, crochet and crafting

It can be found within my header. As you may be able to tell, when I started I gave myself plenty of options when it came to subjects to write about. I was very nervous that I wouldn’t have enough to write about. Obviously I have more than enough and I should probably change my tagline to running, knitting, crochet and jewellery or something along those lines. I shall have to think about that a bit more.

This is also the page where you can change your E-MAIL account that the blog is linked to should you wish to. Further down this page are settings for the date and time format, the language you wish to use and the time zone. I have to say this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but here in the UK I have it set to UTC+0 which seems to be fine.

Writing Settings

If like me, you like to use emoticons such as :), or 😉 this is where you can turn this feature on (or off). You can choose your default category here to which, for the moment I would leave at uncategorized. To give you a very quick explanation, my categories include, running, beginning blogging, knitting and crochet, patterns. etc. It is a way of organising your posts.


This is a feature that I have only found now, coming back to this. It looks to be a very useful feature. I have just dragged the box to my browser and I should then be able to easily add things that I find around the web into a post. I shall let you know how it works once I have used it!


This is not a feature that I have used and will probably not as I have the WordPress app on my phone which works brilliantly when I am not at my computer.


This is where you have the option of keeping your blog private, where it is only visible to those whom you choose to share it with. For some of you this may be a great way to start until you gain confidence. Just above this is a choice whether you wish search engines to index your site. I do allow this as I am very happy for people to be sign posted to my blog but you may not wish this.

This is also the page where you decide what people will see when they come to your blog. Mine is set to show my latest post on the front page but you can design your own page and always have it come up (we will go more into posts and pages later). This may be a good feature to use for special events such as Christmas where you could set up a specific front page to wish everyone a happy Christmas or to publicise an event.

Just below the front page options you can decide whether you wish to show the full posts or just a summary. This is totally up to you. I have full posts showing but some people do have summaries from several posts with clicks to take you through to the full article should you wish.


This is where you can choose whether the following information is showing on each post: categories, tags, comment count and sharing. Of these I only had the comment count showing although I have just checked the sharing box as I assume that this is encouraging people to share my post with others, something I am happy to have happen as it may bring more readers to my blog 🙂 The tags are the words which you use to help describe your post and what it contains to help people find it, and the categories are as described above.

The last 2 boxes on this page are where you can customize a message to people who either choose to follow any comments that are made on a particular post and for people who choose to follow your blog through e-mails. There is default content which you can leave but you may wish to ‘make it your own’.

Looking at my word count (845) I realise that I have waffled on enough for now – I really cannot believe how much there is to go through. I really hope that I am making some sense still – if I am not then do please let me know. Equally, if I am assuming you know something and you don’t then do ask. 🙂

I do hope that out there somewhere there are some more amazing blogs being created. Have a great week 🙂

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