Beginning Blogging – Tips to Encourage Followers

After last weeks post where I asked for your input about the future of this series the general consensus was that I should continue but link it to the relevant pages from Learn.Wordpress. Brilliant (thanks danillajoe in  particular for this brain wave!)

Today I thought we would look at how to manage your comments and, would you believe it, I couldn’t find anything that substantial on the Learn.Wordpress sight. Still will keep it short if I can. 🙂

Encouraging followers:

When I first started blogging I honestly didn’t believe that anyone would want to read my ramblings. I was wrong (happily). Once I had a few followers I am afraid to say that I got a bit greedy and began to look at ways of encouraging others to join my little band of cheerleaders. I found the following two blogs useful:

1. Handmade Harbour

2. Craft blog UK

The tips that I found most useful are as follows:

  • Read and comment on other blogs along a similar theme. – One of my good friends calls me a blog tart because I always leave a comment. I figure that I have taken the time to read a blog post so I may as well leave a comment. It is nice for the writer to get some feedback and in return they may well come and visit your blog. A bit of blog loving goes a long way.
  • Make your comments relevant and specific: It shows that you do care, that you have read the post properly and that you are interested in the content.
  • Follow blogs along a similar theme: For similar reasons as above.
  • Engage with your readers: Ask questions of your readers encouraging them to leave their opinion, give a suggestion etc
  • Blog regularly:Being active helps with Google searches thus helping people to find you.
  • Write good quality and original content: Don’t write for the sake of it. You wouldn’t want to read a repetitive blog which is poorly written would you? Be yourself. People like to know about you. My friends that know me in real life always say that they can tell that I have written a post as the real me comes across in the post.
  • Always reply to comments people leave on your blog: It shows that you care. Where possible I always try to go and have a look at their blog in return and leave a comment for them too. Again I feel that it is common sense – if someone has taken the time to read and comment on my blog then I want to do the same for them.
  • Get listed on blog directories such as Craft blog UK and Hellocotton. If anything this is more important than ever now that Google is getting rid of Google reader.
  • Take part in relevant link parties such as Handmade Monday: To be successful at this you really need to take the time to visit and comment on the other blogs that have linked up.
  • Hold giveaways: This is not something that I have done much of but many people give something away and people enter by following the ‘rules’ e.g. follow my blog…. (Be warned that this tactic will get you more followers but they may not be that interested in your blog. Depends On what your goal is.

I think that the most important thing to remember is that this is a community. If you treat others the way you like to be treated yourself then you will reap the benefits. Be polite and kind to others and they will respond. I have ‘met’ a lot of wonderful people through blogging. People that I honestly share a connection with and care about what happens to them. From that point of view I treat them the same as I would my ‘normal’ friends.

The top bit of this link shows you how to use your reader to find other blogs to read.

If you have any more tips then I would love to hear them 🙂


18 thoughts on “Beginning Blogging – Tips to Encourage Followers

  1. thestitchsharer

    Excellent post. It’s easy to get focused on the number of hits you have but like you, I think what counts is writing something of high quality that people want to read. If you can inspire someone to have a go at something new thats amazing. X

  2. Red Hen

    I’m an L plate blogger so I ve no tips and really appreciate these ones here.One thing I did notice though,was that my likes took a huge jump on one particular post which featured a pic of an orangutan.Do you think pics are more important than the writing?

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I think that pictures are an important part of the package. I try to include some in every post as it serves to break up the text and make the whole thing look attractive. Many people probably visit posts on your blog and if there are good pictures then I think that they are more likely to stop and read rather than pass on by.

  3. healthyfrenchie

    Once again some great advice 🙂
    And I always REALLY appreciate all your thoughtful comments on my posts 🙂
    I wonder how many people you have inspired to creat their own blogs now

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thank you. I like to build up a ‘relationship’ with the people behind the blogs I read so would never follow loads and loads because then I would lose that relationship. People are important to me.

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  5. Wendy

    Lovely post – and thank you for the mention! 🙂

    It is a lovely thought that people can be inspired by what you write, and of course you’ll never know the true numbers (but that’s probably true for real-life situations too).

    I’ve just noticed your comment that Hello Cotton is stopping – that’s a real shame. 😦

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  8. Gallivanta

    Excellent tips and advice. Pleased to read that it’s okay to ask questions. I ask a great many, and I was actually wondering if that was polite since the posts ask for ‘comments’. Personally I think it’s polite/okay to ask relevant questions 🙂


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