The End Of An Era.

For some time now I have been saying that I needed new trainers. It is actually long over due. The reasons why are a bit mixed but below is a list of events that show you just how overdue a new pair are as well as some reasons as to why it has taken me so long to get around to it.

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  1. I have been writing this blog for a year and a month now – the trainers in the Gravatar are the trainers that I am still using = they are AT LEAST 1 year old (more like 18 months!)
  2. My total mileage for 2012 was: 1131.55 miles.
  3. I have not slowed down at all in 2013!
  4. They have starred in a book with me.

Significant Shoes

At one of the WI meetings we were asked to take a pair of significant shoes with us. I did and ‘we’ got chosen to appear in this book. It is an e-book. 10% of each sale is to go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The portraits and stories show that it can be any pair of shoes, from high heels to slippers, wellies to pumps, boots, sandals, trainers or mukluks. Anything. It is the stories about them that make them significant and every one is different and every one is personal. This book includes stories that are: bizarre, risquΓ©, tongue in cheek or outrageous. Often a pair of shoes reminds us of happier times, important days; days of wonder or extreme sadness. What is clear from these stories is that as far as women and their shoes are concerned, shoes are not just things to put your feet in!

So if you fancy having a read the link is here.

You see that I am rather attached to my old trainers. They have been through a lot with me. Mind you they are probably begging for retirement!

See how the sole has been worn away?

See how the sole has been worn away?

The week before the Cambridge Half I actually went along to my local running shop and bought some lovely shiny new trainers. I always go to one particular shop for my trainers because they have a treadmill and camera in the shop. They film my runningΒ  style to ensure that the trainers I choose are correct for my style. Believe it or not my beloved ‘old’ trainers were still giving me the support that I needed. The bloke who served me however had a bit of a laugh at my expense 😦 TheyΒ  keep records in the store so he knew just how long I had, had them.)

Anyway – the buying process was easy this time. I just bought the updated version (probably the 4th since I had bought my shoes!) I did have a try in them and they seemed fine. Well actually they seemed a bit bouncy!!! (I wonder why?)

My new clean, bouncy trainers.

My new clean, bouncy trainers.

I went for my first run in them last week and they felt fine – bouncy in fact ;).

The question remains – will I actually be able to throw my old trainers?


RIP….Β  😦


20 thoughts on “The End Of An Era.

      1. Red Hen

        That`s interesting. I`m a Brooks fan too. Just bought a new pair last week. Let`s see which of us wears our Brooks out first! Just kidding. Cos I know you will!

  1. Pickle-Lily

    Hello from a mid week visitor from Handmade Monday, your post made me smile! Why not use them as as planters by the back door (one at least has drainage holes!) Jo x

  2. noblebird

    Always sad to move on from something that becomes part of us, but they lived a good life, served you well. Let them rest in peace knowing you have happy memories with them. πŸ™‚

  3. Michaela

    Oh my goodness, how old!!

    Don’t throw them away yet though, start wearing your new ones on shorter runs to break them in a bit. I like to overlap my running shoes so have shiney newish ones for short runs and old ones for the longer or muddy runs.

    Love the new ones, great colour! X

  4. feelgoodknitting

    Wow, that’s an awful lot of miles for one pair of shoes! Keep them for muddy runs or back-up or just for sentimental value, but definitely treat your feet with the new ones!

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