The House Cup


Hello and an extra special welcome to you if you are visiting as part of the Knitting and Crochet Blog week. The first challenge asks us to put ourselves into a ‘house’. I have to admit that I hate these sort of things,not sure why really. I can only think that I am afraid to get it ‘wrong’ (not that these is a right or wrong answer). I shall attempt to be brave:

The House of Bee:

Bees are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest.

The first thing that comes to mind when I read this is the literal take on bright and shiny things. I like beads and use them in my work a lot.

See, yummy, shiny beady things πŸ™‚

I am not sure that this means this however. Another take may be when you are rushing around and keep finding new things to make. I do this too:) One of the reasons I like making bits of jewellery is that they are finished quite quickly and I can then move onto something else – or they even fit in as a quick project every now and again when doing a longer project.

The House of Manatee:

Manatees are gentle, calm and cuddly. Relaxed and unflashy they represent the comfort and soft side of knitting and crochet.

I think that I can safely say that I am not in this house, mainly due to the things written above! (Although I obviously am gentle, calm and cuddly – honest :))

The House of Monkey:

Intelligent and with a fun-loving side, Monkeys like to be challenged with every project presenting them with something new and interesting.

Well I obviously in this house as I am allΒ  of this πŸ˜‰ Seriously however I do like a challenge. I like to be learning new things and testing the boundaries. It is one of the reasons why I do test knitting.Β It is also another reason as to why I like the smaller quick projects that jewellery is. It allows me to master something and then move onto the next challenge. This is very much in my personality from my crafting, to my running (I keep on doing longer and longer races and setting myself goals), to my work (I always am striving to be better), to my family. Evaluating, reviewing and trying again is me all over.

The House of Peacock:

Peacocks take something good and make it brilliant. Buttons, embellishments and a bit of sparkle prove that perfection lies in the details – like a Peacock’s Tail.

Hmm this is looking for perfection and detail. I am a perfectionist and will undo projects just to get them correct (See here) I have to be honest I am drawn to this one – I love the colours of the peacock and the extravagance of the tail but I am not sure that I really fit in here as well as the 2 of the others…. What do you think? I honestly would put myself into:


I have put across my reasons now I shall leave it up to you to make the final decision. Leave a comment below and let me know. Thank you (did you notice the way that I side stepped from making any firm decision? ;))

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34 thoughts on “The House Cup

  1. Ali

    Oh I think this is difficult as I think you tick a lot of the boxes. Your extremely creative with your ideas and definitely push the boundaries when creating something new. I think I probably agree with fatmonica as you always take something and turn it into something amazing. Ali x

  2. Kayleigh

    Having read your blog post I’m inclined to change mine before it goes live. I only looked at one option when really, I have a little of another in me too.. Hmm… Eventhough I read your blog regularly, I’m not sure I could decide which of those two houses you should belong to! x

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  4. raphaele42

    From what I could read on your blog I would say a mix of peacock and monkey. Why not a monkey in this lovely peacock blue with some feathers here and there?

  5. autumngeisha

    All that gorgeous jewelry and beadwork is screaming Peacock. The test knitting and learning from small projects leans more towards Monkey. How about Monkpea πŸ™‚


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