A Mascot Project


Welcome to day 2.

Having now looked at the comments I see that I have 3 suggestions for a hybrid animal such as monkbee (very clever thanks to keepmeinstitchez for that amazing idea. I also have 3 for Peacock. I have to say that having had a look around other blogs the Peacock seems to be very rare – making me want to be one (I so like to be different!) Also it made me think that my love for sparkle and beads means I have to be a bit of a peacock? So I am going to announce my own little group: monkbeecock.Β  I like and I am happy with this. What the public wants it gets πŸ™‚

So the project for today is:

Your task today is to either think of or research a project that embodies that house/animal.

Source: Eskimimi makes

Now me being so clever and creating a hybrid makes this task tricky. I cannot simply make a monkey or bee…. so let me see:

The House of the BEE

This project would have to be small to allow you to quickly move onto the next project that should catch your eye. For me this would be another piece of jewellery, including shiny, yummy beads. Something that you can complete in an evening. In addition a bee is very light, small and delicate (wings) Maybe I could do something along the lines of the wings? ….hmm, maybe a pendant made from thin wire, small hook with some tiny delicate beads…

The house of the MONKEY

This house requires me to try something new, that I haven’t tried before. Now this isn’t hard as I am just beginning a new project that involves short rows which i something I have not done before (although remarkably I have heard of them!) Unfortunately this project is not something that I can share with you.

To me a monkey represents cheeky, quick, happy and agile. So (can you hear my brain whirring?) ..I am thinking of a project that turns something on its head. A bit like the necklaces and bracelets that I made out of wire granny squares:

Granny Square Wire Necklace

This to me is a cheeky, fun and unexpected take on crochet. I shall have to have a bit of a think……maybe a granny square ear-ring ?????But that is a bit along the lines of done that before….I suppose that I could combine the projects – take a flower motive, make it out of wire as ear-rings. This would be turning a basic motive into something new and slightly unexpected, something I haven’t done before, delicate like the bee and linked to the bee through the flower idea. Also if I adapt it (as is my way) then it will be more monkey like as I shall be challenging myself.

The House of the Peacock

Well that is easy – sparkly wire and beads!

There, not so hard after all. I truly am a bit of them all after all πŸ™‚ Do you agree or is there something I have over looked? What would you make in my situation?

Tomorrow we are moving away from the houses to something a bit different. Don’t forget my giveaway here. Happy making πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “A Mascot Project

  1. bekswhoknits

    Fantastic concept. I would love to see that finished product if it ever happens.
    I did so much thinking about a Bee project and my brain never made the leap to flowers.
    It went to Beer and Buffy and Black Books but not flowers. I think that says something about me.

  2. Lornabecky

    Wow a Monkbeecock, that’s brilliant, a new class of chimera. The head of a monkey, with the wings of a bee and the dazzling tail of a peacock. I’m loving it. I like the idea of your mascot project and think you managed to incorporate all the elements of your hybrid house very well.

  3. Craftie Allie

    What an adorable hybrid! And you did a fantastic job coming up with something that meets all three houses! I am starting to think that I, too, am a hybrid — a mantabee most likely haha! I love monbeecock, that is so fun! Your necklace is lovely.

  4. Bits and Bobs Crafts

    Go for it and make a hybrid amigurumi – I’m planning to have a go but I’m only doing 2 animals πŸ™‚ I love the granny square necklace , I’ve tried adding beads to a wire granny before or you could do a granny with a flower in the middle and use peacock coloured beads or wire??? Loads of possibilities and can’t wait to see what you make x

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