Can you make this?


The challenge today is the one that has cause me the most problem. Last year I seem to remember that there was an extra topic prompt to use if there was something you didn’t want to do. No mention of that this year.

It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog.

I did this with the infographic. I managed to do something different on that day but today….

I have come up with something although what you will think I really am not sure! Before I attempt to show you what I have done I would just like to mention that this is something completely new to me thus conforming to the house of the Monkey which should gain me extra points?

Bonus points if you manage to work your house animal in somehow.

Do you think I am stretching this a bit much?

OK. What happens when you give a child a stash of yarn, some hooks, needles and beads?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it. Something different? check

Something new? check

Something sparkly and shiny? well no (there are 2 shiny beads??)

Something quick? check

Do you agree? Now you have seen my poor attempt I would go and see what wonderful creations everyone else has come up with 4KCBWDAY4.

It is the final day to enter a giveaway to win a signed crochet book.

27 thoughts on “Can you make this?

    1. bekswhoknits

      Sorry my phone was being weird. I was trying to say….
      This looks like one of those challenges where you’re given a paper clip, some paper, some pop sticks and asked to make the highest possible structure.
      They were always fun.

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