Tools of the trade


Today we have been asked to write about a favourite tool. As with all the posts this week I have thought about this a lot. (And yes my brain is hurting!)
The thing is, I really don’t want to be predictable so I tried to find a way around this…. Unfortunately I am afraid that I have been unsuccessful. My tool that I really love to use is…….

My needles and hooks!

My needles and hooks!

I have an eclectic mix of needles and hooks. Most of them have been inherited from my Grandma and for this I am very grateful but also frebbies from magazines. I really need to have a sort out. I have some horrid plastic things that are HORRIBLE to use. However,  as many of you know the needles of today have changed considerably. Straight needles are being replaced in favour of circular…
I digress however. When I say that needles and hooks are my favourite tool I need to be more specific – metal hooks and needles.

metal hooks and needles
This is for 2 reasons:

The main one being that when using wire any other material just isn’t as good. Wire needs hard wearing materials – and to be smooth!
The second reason is because I work with a tight tension (that will be the stress coming out!). It was the lovely Sarah from The Sheep Shop that recommended that I try metal for yarn too. She was so right. I love using them.

The only rather strange thing is that I have not properly invested in a set of hooks or needles? Why, when I so like using them and spend so much time using hooks and needled I honestly cannot say. :(Another job on the to-do list!

What makes you use the hooks and/or needles you use?


16 thoughts on “Tools of the trade

  1. Truly Myrtle

    Wood wood wood. Unless I use metal. I have better tension with wood but metal is useful for cottons and bamboo yarn … my major problem is that metal tips poke a wee hole in my finger!

  2. gmaellenscraftycorner

    Great blog post. I have to agree with you, for the most part. I recently purchased a set of “Knitter’s Pride” Nova Interchangeables-Deluxe Set. Woo hoo! Love, love love them! Totally worth the investment. But, some fibers are just too ‘slickery’ for metal. I also have some “Knitter’s Pride” Cubics, densified laminated birch wood, which I also love. 🙂

  3. feelgoodknitting

    I mostly use metal too. I have a couple of bamboo needles for really slippery yarns, but by and large I want a good smooth metal that won’t slow me down and that I won’t accidentally snap in two!

  4. Jodiebodie

    I love my bamboo hooks and needles because they are light in my hands, and get past the airport metal detectors without hassle, but for working something up very quickly, especially with synthetic fibres, metal hooks are the go.

  5. tucsonhorse

    I inherited many of my needles from my grandmother as well! And I’m actually told many of those came from her aunt, and I have a nice set of the customizable circular needles from my great-grandmother, by way of my grandmother. It’s pretty cool to have such history in a tool, and feel the connection to the past when I’m using them, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

    I tend to vary what material of needle I use based on the yarn I’m using. I like to use lots of different kinds of yarn and have discovered they all have their little quirks, some synthetics are so slippery they won’t even hold together in a ball and for those I like plastic needles because they stick significantly better, whereas for most yarn I prefer wooden or bamboo needles because they stick a little (I have a tendency to accidentally slide stitches right off the needles) but they still slide pretty well, but for yarn that really likes to separate I like metal needles because less friction seems to keep them together better. Then of course there’s my favorite Addi Turbos that just negate all previous guidelines I had.

    I think that was the longest comment I’ve ever written, sorry!


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