My Mascot Project Realised


Having completed the challenge to blog every day last week as part of the knitting and crochet blog week I wasn’t sure if I would manage this today however the lure of Handmade Monday is just too strong. (although I may keep this post fairly short) πŸ™‚

One of the prompts last week was entitled A Mascot Project. (To see my post click here) To cut a long story short we had to identify which animal was most similar to our crafting style. In true form I was unable to put myself into one group thus making up a new house group: the Monkbeecock. (A mixture of a bee, monkey and peacock should you be wondering!) The mascot idea that I came up with was:

take a flower motive, make it out of wire as ear-rings. This would be turning a basic motive into something new and slightly unexpected, something I haven’t done before, delicate like the bee and linked to the bee through the flower idea. Also if I adapt it (as is my way) then it will be more monkey like as I shall be challenging myself.

The Design process:

I first went onto ravelry to look for a flower pattern that I could use.

I found these. (From Donna Collinsworth) I was drawn to these as I liked the 3D nature of them. I initially had a go in yarn to get the idea (it was disastrous if you are wondering) before moving on to free free-forming with wire and beads. The result is:

I actually quite like it although it is too big for the earring idea. More of a pendant for a necklace size.Β I successfully was able to keep the 3D element in the design.

Did I manage to tick the boxes?

Flower? check

New and unexpected? check

Delicate? check

Adapted? check.

What a great way to round off a really great week πŸ™‚

(Should you wish to see what other people made then type in 4KCBWEC to a search engine)

A bit later than usual I shall be linking up with Handmade Monday – I have already had a read of some of the lovely blogs on there and have some more to read tonight. Do make yourself a tea and have a good read yourself.



31 thoughts on “My Mascot Project Realised

  1. healthyfrenchie

    Lovely as usual! It would make a cute necklace indeed… I envy your ability to make all those wonderful bits of jewellery, sadly I lack the time and dedication at the moment…

  2. Alison Rimmer

    I tried to do the blog challenge but couldn’t get past the ‘which house are you in’ as spent so long wondering and trying to write a relevant post I got fed up and deleted it! I like the pink wire used like that in 3D – it is pretty and delicate – well done for doing the whole thing too! (Patchwork Fairy)

  3. t1ckledp1nk

    That is beautiful, so delicate and I love the colour combination too. I agree that it would make a lovely pendant or maybe a brooch? And the 3D nature of it is really striking too – clever you adapting a yarn pattern into this, I wouldn’t have a clue. xxx

  4. freespiritdesigns

    Oooh i love the 3D effect and the colours you’ve used too, the purple looks amazing with the copper! xx


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