Pre-marathon ramblings….

How am I feeling?

Umm I don’t really know.

I am stupidly excited about it but also very nervous. I am nervous about the pain: will I be able to push myself through it, will it be too hot, will I get the fueling correct, will I be disappointed ………?

I shall try to explain:

1. I have trained quite hard for it although the Easter holidays got in the way a bit. I have done a total of 107.55 miles during April! (I know REALLY?)

2. For the first time in my memory the weather forecast for the May bank holiday is actually fairly good! (Typical when I would rather it was drizzly and cool!)

3. I have never run that distance so find it quite hard to know what to expect….I know that it will be hard but how will I actually feel?


4. How much fuel should I take on, when ….etc for optimum. I will be able to ‘work’ it out but it is still a bit trial and error.

5. How bad will I feel in the days after it? Will I be able to function at all?

6. I am excited to actually be doing it – something that most people wouldn’t consider.

7. I am worried about the speed of running – I seem to naturally run too fast or too slow i.e anything but the pace to which I see as ideal for me. If I start out too fast then I will burn out, too slow and I shall feel as if I should have gone faster.


8. Will I burn – obviously I shall have to wear sun cream but this ALWAYS gets in my eyes and stings.

9. This last one probably sounds really silly to most but let me explain. I put myself under quite a lot of pressure. When I signed up for this crazy thing (and yes one side of me truly believes this), I said I would be happy to just survive and finish. The other side of me however says you have to do your best: what if you don’t do very well? What will people think then? You will have failed – everyone is expecting a fairly decent time….etc. See I am already setting myself up for failure. My friends (JS) say that I am mad – I should just do it and relax. They are, of course right.  What does it matter what time I do it in? Why push myself too far – finishing is good enough in itself (or so it should be). Attempting a marathon at all is admirable. Finishing is just the icing on the cake! (I do believe this, I do believe this, I do believe it repeat x1000000) 🙂


25 thoughts on “Pre-marathon ramblings….

  1. Michaela

    I found just entering the London ballot both scary and exciting. What if I get a place? What if I don’t? Aargh! You’ll do brilliantly, you’ve already done the hardest part with all that training. Enjoy the big day! X

  2. macscrochet

    You can do it!! Just do the best you can. I wish I could run – actually I take that back as I’d have 2 black eyes, but I meant with the state of my ankle! LOL I might do a mobility scooter marathon hehe but doubt it will have enough charge!!!! Seriously – take care and do what you can, that’s all you can ask xxxxx Crochet Hugs xxxxx

  3. daniellajoe

    I would say just relax and enjoy your “practice” don’t let you’re mind know that this is the big one, and you can use a headband right above your eyebrows it should soak up all the sweat and sunscreen, hope you finish.. 🙂

  4. raphaele42

    Good luck to you, all that hard training is already a bog victory anyway (huh? 107.55 miles in April?). I am sure no one really expect you to break a record for your first marathon (unless they are stupid and shouldn’t be listened to). I’ll send lot of positive energy your way on the big day. Enjoy!

  5. KAB

    Good Luck! Try not to think about the time – just try to enjoy it. And if you do enjoy it and you decide to enter another then you’ll have a time to beat but you’ll know you can do it and be better able to pace yourself to go faster.

  6. Red Hen

    I met a lady at the starting line of my marathon who gave me wonderful advice.And now, I am passing it on to you. “Don`t think:RUN!”

  7. offthehookbykeke

    The only person you should worry about disappointing is yourself! If you worry over the little things like sunscreen & pace….you will be using a lot of mental energy better applied to your actual run! :). I get the over thinking thing….do it myself! Just talk yourself out of the negative and go do what you trained to do! You don’t need to be perfect….you just need to follow through to the best of your ability…which is always the best! 🙂

  8. Heather

    Just try to relax and enjoy it. All that matters is that you cross the line with a great big smile on your face, whatever time the clock says! Just getting to the start line is an amazing accomplishment – don’t ever forget it! 🙂 *Waves imaginary pom poms* 🙂


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