A Happy Mistake.

I have to say that all day I have been umming and ahhhing as to whether to write a post tonight or not. As always the lure of Handmade Monday over on Handmade Harbour is just too strong. I know that I shall be visiting blogs there so thought that I may as well put my penny’s worth in.

The last few days I have been doing some research to try to find other people who use wire and crochet / knitting to make jewellery. It has been totally inspiring and I have loads of ideas bubbling around in my head. Now before you worry, I am not going to copy what they do, it has been a case of looking at what they are doing and using it to inspire me to move on with my journey. Obviously there are some overlaps but largely what I am doing is my thing and what they are doing is theirs. I shall share some of these blogs / shops with you later. Today I want to keep things fairly short so shall move on.

Tunisian Crochet

A while back I did some experimenting with tunisian crochet here and here. To save you clicking back I made this:

Beaded Queen lace Crochetand this:

A Tunisian Wire Bracelet.

A Tunisian Wire Bracelet.

Whilst making the second (well actually my first) bracelet I made one of those happy mistakes:

Not quite what I was looking for!

Not quite what I was looking for then!

I have now gone on to make this little mistake into something within its own right:

A beaded tunisian pendant

A beaded tunisian pendant

What I really like about this is that it is slightly curved:

tunisian pendant

Don’t you just love it when a mistake turns into something lovely and new? Has it happened to you recently? My next project….earrings 🙂

I am now going to head over to catch up on all the other blogs over at Handmade Harbour, do come and follow me.


Hope you all have a great week 🙂

29 thoughts on “A Happy Mistake.

  1. Ginny

    I know what you mean about the lure of Handmade Monday. I link other places but none of them are quite as friendly. I love the Tunisian bracelets, and have no idea how you do what you do.

  2. Wendy

    That’s one of the really great things about experimenting – sometimes you come up with something fabulous! Your wire work is just gorgeous 🙂

  3. freespiritdesigns

    Happy accidents are the best! 🙂 I really love the pendant, so delicate and pretty. The natural curve in it adds a lovely depth, i could see it making a beautiful brooch too! xx

  4. Gertie

    What a lovely mistake. Sometimes the best things happen when you’re not expecting them to work. Can’t wait to see the earrings.

    Sadly most of my mistakes just end up in the bin…. xx

  5. Em@lululoves

    Oh I love your happy mistake – the necklace is beautiful. Its lovely when you you can create something completely unplanned & unexpected! Have a lovely week. Em xx

  6. lululoves

    Oh I love your happy mistake :)) the necklace is beautiful! It’s wonderful to be able to create something without planning, a really creative process. Have a lovely week. Em xx

  7. Ali

    The pendant is gorgeous. I don’t really like saying it’s a mistake as it’s so pretty. Maybe it’s just a creative diversion. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  8. sue

    What a lovely mistake – perhaps it was your subconcious designer finding a new way of influencing your work! Sue x

  9. EleanorLucy

    I love a happy accident – so many of what have ended up being my favourite hats started out as experiments or took a different turn haldway through! You know I’m a fan of your tunisian stuff – this is no exception 🙂

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