Bavarian Crochet

Recently I am being reminded more and more about how wonderful the online (blogging and twitter) community is. A while a go I saw a tweet by @CrochetAli about Bavarian Crochet. (Do go and check out her website here – she has online crochet lessons!)This got me more than a little bit confused as I had never heard of it so I simply asked what it was. Very quickly came back the reply offering to send me a pattern that she had translated from American terms into English. How amazingly kind. Of course I said yes and here is my example:

Bavarian crochet

You could go on and on adding more and more colours. I really like it as the pink ‘lines’ are slightly raised thus giving it some depth and texture. (I did make a mistake on this – can you spot it?)

Of course once I saw what it was I wanted to know some more about it such as what the origins are. I didn’t really find out much about this except that it is thought to have originated in Bavaria (I know, really?) but I did find out that it has a few different names:

1. Crochet wheel stitch

2. Catherine Wheel stitch

3. Wool eater

I think that it is called this last one because it gets through a lot of wool – it is quite a dense stitch.

I also found out that it is mostly used to make blankets:

Have a look at this group on flickr.

However this group on facebook shows an example of a cushion and even a bag!

If you would like to have a try yourself then have a look at this website or this one shows it in a more pictorial way if you are a visual learner.

Having been forced to take it easy this weekend, I have been really busy making more of my wire jewellery, so keep your eyes out as I shall be writing about it all very soon – I shall also be needing your expert opinions 🙂

As always with it being Sunday I am linking up with all the lovely bloggers over at Handmade Harbour. Do make a cup of tea and come and join me for a lovely browse. 🙂

47 thoughts on “Bavarian Crochet

  1. threadsnshreds

    i’m impressed, I had heard of Bavarian crochet and had seen a few images, and I love the way it looks, with its rounded edges. I’ve not looked into it, nor given it a go, but i’d like to, your example looks lovely. Hopefully i’ll get the chance at some point to check out those sights to have a try

  2. Natalie

    That looks wonderful, you can really see how dense the work is so I bet it would be a really warm blanket. The colours you’ve used are lovely too.

  3. Wendy

    It looks lovely. I like the idea of online crochet lessons, although I think maybe I’d need to make a start with face-to-face ones first to get me going!

  4. t1ckledp1nk

    That’s so pretty. I didn’t know that there was such a thing, but having spent a lot of time in Austria and Bavaria I always admire the crochet and lace that I see there so it would make sense. I love your wire work so can’t wait to see what you come up with. xxx

  5. adaliza

    I’ve never heard of Bavarian crochet – it looks brilliant. Love the colours you’ve chosen – I’m off to check out those instructions!

  6. Gertie

    I too have never heard of Bavarian Crochet, but it does look lovely. I really must go online and learn how to crochet properly xx

  7. freespiritdesigns

    Oooh i like the denseness of this technique, it would be great for coasters or placemats i think. Its fun to try new things isn’t it, and the crafting community is definitely a lovely place to share and learn new things 🙂 x

  8. Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha

    I’ve not heard of bavarian crochet either, though crochet isn’t my strong suit. It’s probably mainly used for blankets as the denseness of the crochet would make it a lovely warm one. Though it would give a good structure for a bag too.
    Have a happy and productive week.

  9. lululoves

    It’s beautiful 🙂 And I didn’t spot the error until you pointed it out! I think that’s what I love most about crochet – you are constantly learning and it’s always feels like such an achievement when you master a new stitch/pattern. I think there are so many it will keep me content to keep learning for many years 🙂 Have a lovely week. Em xx

  10. Helen

    I’ve never come across this before either! It looks very effective 🙂 looking forward to seeing what you’ve been making!

  11. Bits and Bobs Crafts

    This is on my list to have a go at too as I think its lovely. It would look great as a bag thinking about it so I might start there once I’ve grasped it, thanks for the links too 🙂


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