My first jewellery making class – the verdict!

As promised here is a summary of my very first jewellery class. Feel free to add your penny’s worth 🙂

This is what I made !!!

This is what I made !!!

My very first jewellery making class


35 thoughts on “My first jewellery making class – the verdict!

  1. Lin

    These are lovely. I suppose once you have earned the core techniques you can let your imagination run wild. I can see how this would definitely be addictive.

  2. mariamadeit

    Hello stopping by to see your jewellery, some of my beads came from spoilt rotten (the amazonite squares are v popular!) I do like what you made and hope you will stop by my blog for jewellery tutorials too.

  3. e1aine

    I’m very excited, I ended up on Spoilt Rotten’s website and have found the VERY charms I’ve been looking for, thanks! I’m doing a stand in Ely Library on the 5th and will have to do a little detour to Haddenham.

    The Beaderie is great too – and Riverside Beads where I’ve been hunting for these charms (I knew I’d seen them somewhere, sometime!), but that’s a bit of a trek from your end of Cambs.

      1. e1aine

        Library volunteering.

        I’m the area volunteer co ordinator for the library service, so you can usually catch me mooching around Cambs libraries. Ely is a bit far out for me, but I’m covering as a favour.

  4. e1aine

    Ely is a lovely place. I’m hoping for a mooch around the cathedral too.

    I wonder if your friend Sarah is a friend of my friend Kira. She was talking about a friend in a shop recently – and she’s an avid knitter. Long shot I guess! 🙂


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