Post Marathon Update

I am going to do a very quick update on my running.  It has been a fair while after all!

Immediately Afterwards

Yes I did feel awful but I was very surprised to be able to walk about relatively pain-free the next day. Yes I was a bit sore and stiff but not as bad as I had thought. When I answered the phone at half past seven to find that I was being asked to go and work for the day I didn’t really hesitate. I never ever thought that would be possible. I did no exercise however until Friday – 4 days later. I went to the gym.


I mainly did this because I knew that I was not going to be able to do anything for at least a week due to the second op on my back. I had a nice ‘relaxed’ session that didn’t involve a lot of running!!

Post Op

You will all be very aware that I had slightly more than I expected taken from my back so did no exercise for nearly 2 weeks (Aren’t I a good girl?)

Back Running

Last week I started with a few 3 mile runs – nice and gentle. To be honest I could not do much else. I was finding it quite hard to breath and my legs just weren’t really co-operating. My Garmin was telling me that I was running just under 10 minute miles which for three miles is really slow. I do wonder if this is normal? After the first time I ran my legs hurt the next day. I really couldn’t believe it. 2 weeks ago I had run a marathon and now I could barely manage three miles. Do you think this is normal?


Over the bank holiday we went on a bike ride (7-8 miles). It was very slow as we had little people biking with us. That was no worries – even with an extra body on the back of my bike. It reignited my fire and so I went running the next day. During this run (5 miles this time) my knee started hurting. There was no obvious reason for it but I found it hurt to walk for the rest of the day. I spoke to my running partner and she said that it sounded just like what she has. It is apparently very common and not a problem with the knee but with the hip and upper leg muscles. I have to say that at the gym today my right leg (the one with the hurt knee) did feel really tight. I think that I need to focus on stretching it out and strengthening it. Does anyone have any ideas if I am on the right lines? I hate not being able to run 😦

One Final Observation

This week I have been talking to someone who has just started running and she said that she actively tries to go out at times when she won’t be seen. I remember doing this – choosing routes that are away from the majority of people and where I face less chance of being seen . Yesterday however – when I was really struggling with my pace I realised that I really did not mind or worry about what anyone thought of me. I know that I have done a marathon and that has given me a real confidence boost. I no longer care what other people think – I know what I can do and that is all that matters 🙂 Believe me – for me that is a HUGE step forward.

What have you done that has changed your attitude?




18 thoughts on “Post Marathon Update

  1. Truly Myrtle

    I have absolutely nothing of any use to say about running. I am totally in awe of you.
    I would however, love to have a go but my knee is already stuffed. Should I try? At the moment I stick to a very brisk walk … occasionally. I want to go more but can’t seem to get out of the house!

  2. healthyfrenchie

    Did I miss something? I didn’t realize you had surgery…
    I guess if you body took a beating though, you should probably take it easy. I’m sure you’ll be back to your normal pace in no time 🙂

  3. allnightknits

    Take care of yourself first and foremost! I blew out my knee on my fourth marathon and probably won’t be able to run another full marathon again. Just keep your motivation up by reminding yourself that the kinder you are to your body the longer you can do what you love!
    Good Luck!

      1. allnightknits

        My approach was one day at a time 😉 I miss it, I miss a lot of things since my injuries (hand and knee) but I just find a way to do what I love the only ways I can.

  4. Gertie

    I really do admire your dedication to running.

    I would say though, don’t over do it. Pain is there for a reason. It’s our bodies way of saying something is not right. It’s better to cut short the run and rest for a few days than carry on and do long term or even irreversible damage xx

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