A bit of a bodge job

This week I had a conversation along the lines of:

Wow your edges are really neat” (me)

“What do you mean?”

Well look at mine” I proceeded to show her the edges where I had picked up stitches. A rather uneven and holey affair altogether.

“Oh I though that you were confident doing this”

“Well so did I!”

It would appear that I couldn’t have been more wrong. My designer friend then went on to explain how she had taught herself to do it properly using YouTube. I on the other hand had taken the instruction to ‘pick up stitches’ literally and had put my own interpretation on it. The result is a fairly substandard result that I am rather ashamed of.

A rather obvious seam.

A rather obvious seam.

I have never really thought about it before – I just thought that I knew what it meant and so got on with it. My friend on the other hand had not made any such assumptions and had therefore learnt the proper way. It got me thinking. I wonder how many other people do this? Have you ever assumed you can do something only to find out later that you had been doing it all wrong? If you have please leave me a comment below so that I can stop feeling so bad. (To make it worse I thought that I was a perfectionist!)

In case you are wondering all is not lost and I have plans as to how I can neaten the whole thing up. I shall keep you posted. Meanwhile I shall leave you with a couple of links that shows you how it should be done – just in case you are wondering (and so that I can also learn!)

For those of you who like written.

The moral of this: Never ever assume that you can do something because it seems simpleΒ  – check first.

28 thoughts on “A bit of a bodge job

  1. Cat

    I have been knitting for years and this was new to me, too. Maybe it’s for the best that I gave up knitting ….
    I’m not good at looking for instructions. I like to say that I’m a playchild, I love to experiment and can be very patient at trying out things to make them look the best. I wouldn’t say a different way always has to be a wrong way, but sometimes it’s more difficult when it doesn’t have to be.

  2. lovetartan

    I’m a kind of jump right in there person – though I am in my old age getting better at finding the proper way first or at least looking at other ways first! I guess I always think that there is a way to sort it though it would be better to not have to use this option at times.

  3. Beingme

    I was told this week that i crochet from the wrong side, thats what i get for learning from pictures i guess!

  4. Leah

    Oh. My. Gosh. I have been picking up stitches for years and always struggled with it. I feel a lilt bit like “d’oh!!” right now because you are right…it was a simple as checking out a video. On the vest I just finished, I did not enjoy picking up stitches because I just felt like I was muscling my way through it. Thanks for this!

  5. Hannah

    I taught myself to crochet and found out I was doing stuff wrong years later, I didnt really care and kept doing it my way. I do this to have fun and I know its good to learn properly for some things esp if you are selling but I say don’t worry about it if something aint quite right so long as you had fun making it πŸ™‚

  6. healthyfrenchie

    Yes, I’m pretty bad… When I started crochet, I would watch a video, then follow it. After a while, I’d think “OK, I’ve got this” and carry on. Until I realized I was doing it all wrong

  7. divinechoice

    I’ve used YouTube when looking for clarity. Knitting patterns do my head in and drawings of steps to perform an unfamiliar stitch don’t help much. I’ve learned from bitter experience not to do what I think an instruction mesns. So happens it was pick up stitches and knit. ..

  8. allnightknits

    This is totally new to me…I LOVE new! Thanks so much for sharing. I feel like knitting is an ever evolving thing and you have contributed greatly to that in the past 14 weeks since I started blogging. Thank you!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Ahhh thank you πŸ™‚ I hadn’t realised that you were quite so ‘new’. You do a great job on your posts. Sharing and learning is one of the things that I LOVE about this whole world.

      1. allnightknits

        It has been fantastic! Who knew blogging could end up being such a well rounded – almost life changing experience. It may seem overstated but that really is how it feels!

  9. Gertie

    I’m mainly self taught in sewing and dressmaking. I was shown the basics from my mam but she was self taught too. Looking back some of my early work must have been dreadful!!!!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      You are probably being very harsh on yourself. How else would you learn? I am amazed at how much my designs have changed over the last year. Practice definitely makes perfect!!


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