So how long should it be?

I have been working really hard on a crochet scarf this week. It is not a hard project to work . I have lovely yarn to use and it grows quite quickly. It has been a nice project to sit and do whilst watching Wimbledon.

I said that it grows quickly and it does when it comes to completing the pattern repeat. As for the overall length however I would have to disagree.

When I started off I thought 2 skeins would be enough (this is about 100 yards ofΒ  yarn ). As the end of the second skein came my thoughts were along the lines of:

hmmm not quite long enough, maybe I will do the third.

I have now finished the third skein and am still not sure that it is long enough! (Yes even with the required blocking.) I was a little disappointed – you know that feeling you get when you think that you have finished something? You have worked really hard to get it finished only to find that you haven’t?

So what is the correct length for a scarf?

As you would expect. There is no correct answer as personal preference comes into play and different styles also have a bearing on it.


The only advice that I could find is:

The general rule is the scarf should be about the same length as the person.

Go-on admit it, how many of you will be going to lie down next to one of your scarves inΒ  the near future? (I have already had a go myself if that helps?)

The things that you never think about despite using them all the time! Have you ever had a situation like this?

With it being Sunday I am now going to head over to Handmade Harbour to catch up with all the lovely crafty blogs over there. Do come and join in. πŸ™‚

44 thoughts on “So how long should it be?

  1. Cat

    There’s no good rule for that. For me it always depended a lot on the yarn, how thick it was, what outfit I wanted to wear the scarf with.
    That said my longest scarf was about 10 ft. long and had red and white stripes πŸ˜›

  2. highland monkeys

    Oh no photo of it! I’ve got some really long scarfs which are brilliant when it’s freezing cold but when it’s not so cold it is definately too long as it wraps around the neck about 4 times! Hope the last skein you buy is the last!

  3. Martha

    Good question.
    Personally, I think a scarf should be long according to its owner’s preferences. Some like it extra long (eg for winter), some may prefer is shorter so it’s not dragged on the floor πŸ™‚
    Perhaps the type of yarn counts here too. Best, you just listen to your knitter’s intuitions πŸ™‚

  4. Natalie

    Now, I could have helped you there because I had already heard of the magic formula for working out a scarf length. I think I came across it when I was making a scarf for my niece, who I don’t see often so I had no chance for her to try it. It kind of makes sence really in a “your foot is as long as your fore-arm” type way. Can’t wait to see a photo x

  5. Ginny

    As long as a person does seem very long. But I guess it is nice to be able to tie scarves in various ways. Off to measure my scarves …

  6. Mlissabeth

    I am surprised there is no information in the pattern about the size/length. With that being said, I would go with how long I (you) think it should be.

  7. cinnamoncottage

    Oh dear I just made my husband a scarf and it definitely wasn’t as long as him!!! I know what you mean though I’m the same when making scarfs I always think I could just add a little bit more πŸ˜‰

  8. freespiritdesigns

    i think scarves can work at lots of different lengths… it probably depends a bit on how thick they are though! I have a lovely scarf i wear a lot and its not as long as me, so maybe you’ll be done sooner than you think πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see it! x

  9. allnightknits

    I had never heard it should be the size of the person, if that’s true apparently I knit for giants! I love the big, long loopy scarves that can be wrapped. Well, with anything worsted or less, when you get chunky it depends on width.

    Wow, I have been no help here! I am sure that if you make it the way you would want to wear it anyone would love it! Cannot wait to see pics! πŸ˜‰

  10. CatkinJane

    It definitely needs to be long enough!!
    I think longer rather than shorter is always my preference, it’s so frustrating if there’s not enough πŸ™‚

  11. bluekashaHelen

    That’s a good question and I think it depends on the scarf and your personal choice. I like a scarfe to wrap round my neck twice but not be too long that the ends sneak out of the bottome of my jacket…if that helps πŸ™‚

  12. soyofthenorth

    How long a scarf should be has the same answer as how long a piece of string is πŸ™‚

    My personal preference is long enough to wrap around my neck to keep the cold out and still have some scarf left dangling at the front.

  13. Dawn Hart - Stone Pit Crafts

    When measuring a Winter scarf length I’m making I always hold an end in each hand and pull it across my body, when I can extend both arms to full length then the scarf is long enough, as its two arm lengths plus my body width. Although it really is a matter of personal preference. This way you get a really nice loose loop around the neck plus enough to tuck into your coat, you can wrap it twice but I feel to constricted as my scarfs are chunky 3×3 rib.

    In reply to your comment on my site, I found this website invaluable he does mention WordPress in some of his posts (I skipped those bits though as I’m on Blogger) if he doesn’t cover what you need hopefully it’s a starting point for you.

    Good luck xxx

  14. CraftLee

    Thats a good rule of thumb ! Is there any rule about how many scarfs you should have cluttering up your home though! Ive made sooooo many over the years – when I see a bargain yarn & there not too much of it I ALWAYS make another scarf!

  15. Lucy Blossom

    I am now going to have to go and find all my scarves and compare their lengths! Nice to hear its growing nicely and can’t wait to see a finished picture.

  16. Gertie

    Sorry for not reading your blog before now. Blame Wimbledon!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to see your scarf. What length did you finally decided on?
    Personally I prefer a longer length scarf though not quite the length as Tom Bakers Dr Who….. xx

  17. lululoves

    I’ve never really thought about it before – I usually just keep going until I get a good wrap. I will admit I’ve just measured some of my favourite (bought) scarves and they are all longer than me – but I am a shortie so they are probably normal person length! Look forward to seeing the finished scarf. Em xx


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