I thought I was fit!

This week I have had a bit of a wake up call. Most of you will know that I ran a marathon on May the 6th.  Over the following three weeks I didn’t do much and when I tentatively started again I found that I had some pain in my right knee 😦

I decided to take it easy for a bit, concentrate on stretching and maybe cut back on the running a bit.

The obvious way for me to do this was to return to the gym for a bit. This in itself was a bit of a wake up call. My core and upper body strength was completely shot to pieces. I had obviously been neglecting this far too much.

In between gym visits I carried on running. Sometimes my knee was fine and others I had to keep pulling up with pain. Being inconsistent I decided that it was probably not too serious but did visit the doctor.

I have to say that I was very impressed. I got an open referral to a physio. I went along on Monday and had a 15 min ‘triage’ appointment.

I am right it is not serious. Apparently I have ‘runners knee’. The obvious response to this is that of course I have! It is obviously a relation to ‘tennis elbow’ and ‘policeman’s foot’! In other words common complaints due to consistent use.

I can live with this. It is not serious and I can get it better. The worst bit was when she did the assessment. it would appear that it is not only my upper body and care that is weak, my bum and some of the muscles in my legs as well.

I have been given some exercises to do. Fine except that the exercises I have to do are ones that I used to not be able to see the point of. I can now!

1.  The Clam

2. The squat with a pillow

Illustration of squat with squeeze excercise

3. Inside leg lift

I also have to Streeetch.

So what do you think? Am I just getting old?

I shall let you know how I get on.

24 thoughts on “I thought I was fit!

  1. Red Hen

    Glad it`s `only` runner`s knee. I must join you in actually doing some core exercises as I`ve been utterly useless at that. Age is a great thing. We`re getting wiser after all!

  2. lovetartan

    You were lucky to get an open physio apt and be able to get started – the clam seems to be a popular physio exercise! I got that one for my hip. I wondered too if its an age thing – think my body isn’t taking any notice when I tell it I’m still 21! Happy stretching 🙂

  3. allnightknits

    I feel you with the runner’s knee, but no worries – the exercises and stretches really do elevate the pain. Along with ice and heat my runner’s knee was back to normal knee in about a month. Take care, don’t push and take your time – your body will thank you!

  4. lovelucie1

    Last year I was running 3 times a week but had to give it a rest after knee and hip problems. So I’m back to cycling which doesn’t seem to agravate any thing. I would love to return to running but it took so long for me not to walk with a hobble again, I’m a bit nervous of it.
    I assume you are a similar age to me. I have found that i am more prone to injury and have learnt to back off a bit. But I couldnt do without the buzz it gives me!

  5. Gertie

    Glad to hear that it’s nothing serious, and you did right in going to get it checked out anyway.
    It must have been quite a shock when they said you needed to do some leg exercise given your love of running.
    I agree that the Clam must be popular with physio’s as I had to do it two years ago to strengthen my thigh muscles.
    Age is just a three letter word….. I love it when I’m referred to as a ‘young lady’ or a ‘young girl’. It makes my day !!!! xx

  6. lululoves

    Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope it feels better soon. I admire your ability to keep up with your exercise at the gym – I pulled a tendon in my leg a couple of months ago (during an exercise dvd!!) and the pain was excruciating. I had to rest it for a few weeks but have not exercised since as I know I will be so out of shape – *sigh* I am learning that warming up properly is very important these days…creak creak 😉 Em xx


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