What to write on your About page.

Following on with the initial re-vamp of this blog I have had a go at my ‘about’ page.  In Michael Hyatt’s Book

“Platform. Get noticed in a noisy world”

he points out that the About page is one of his blogs top ten most visited pages.

So What about yours?

I checked mine and guess what? It is hands down the most visited page on my blog. Ever. To date it has had 5,654 views. The next most popular post has ‘only’ had 738! Now go and have a look at yours. Is it similar? If so then the next scary thought is:

Just how much time and thought do you give to this, your most visited page/post on your blog?

I have to say, put like that, nowhere near enough! I expect that on setting up your blog you spent about half an hour typing in a bit of info about yourself and the blog. I know I did. I have revisited it since the very beginning and re-wrote it as my blog evolved but I didn’t give it anywhere near the amount of time that I probably should have done now that I know just how visited it is.

If your aim is to get more followers then this page is arguably THE most important page on the whole blog. Luckily Michael Hyatt does go onto give some tips as to how to optimise this important space on your blog.

This is how my About page used to look:


Thank you for taking time to look at my Blog. I am a  Mum of three who runs, knits and crochets in an attempt to stay sane (when I have the time!). Over the last year this blog has also become a huge part of who I am and  helped me to claw back some of ME!
On the creating side I like to be  a bit different and aspire to have a shop selling my unique jewellery as well as some kits so you too can have a go at something a bit different.

Share my passion, the highs and lows of my journey and along the way pick up some tips to help you on your very own journey. Go on, you know you want to. It will be worth it  :)

Happy Crafting, blogging and running,


This version ticks the first two of the suggestions:

1. It is written in the first person

2. It is written in my style.

The next suggestions I am not so sure about:

3. Start with the reader’s priorities. What do they want to know? Or. in other words what do you want to find out when you read other ‘about’ pages? I know that I want to know what the blog is about. Will it interest me. These are the most important things. I also want to know a bit about the person behind the blog as, as many of you know I am someone who likes to connect with others.

4. Tell them about yourself. As in number three, it is important for the reader to know a bit about you but this was the bit that I found the hardest bit when I started out. I didn’t want people to know too much about me – I was simply too shy. All I can say is that you give as much as you want to give. I believe that my writing style says a lot about me and the type of person I am (indeed my friends say that this blog is like me talking to them) so my advice is to take things as slow as you wish to. You can always make adjustments as you progress.

5. Tell them about your blog. Not in huge detail – more of putting it into a theme. Again I find this tricky as I have quite a varied content on my blog. Having said that it does seem to be working for me so far.

6. Set their expectations. On average, how often you post.

7. Invite them to subscribe.

8. Point them to your top posts: He describes it like being a hostess and giving them a tour or taste of what they will get if they follow your blog.

9. Provide a full Biography. I am not sure that this is totally relevant except if, like him, you are selling your expertise and your training is an important part of it. For most of us ‘hobby bloggers’ qualifications are not usually related. A bit of information however is always going to interest some.

10. Tell them how to contact you: Twitter, Facebook, e-mail ….

So there you have it. It all makes perfect sense to me now. I like structure and order and this certainly provides that. The headings are a useful guide and also break the writing up nicely. People can easily skip any sections that they are not interested in.

Whether or not you apply this format directly I think that there are some useful points to get you thinking. Do you agree? What information are you interested in when you visit an about page?

(If you are wondering how my About page looks now you will have to go and increase the visitor numbers to that page now and have a look :).


12 thoughts on “What to write on your About page.

  1. Truly Myrtle

    Interesting. I like your new version very much! (still looking forward to that friendly photo though) I – don’t have one …. perhaps I should? I do often click on about pages for a nosy…

  2. Gertie

    I never thought the ‘about’ page would be the most popular one so I checked mine and it was !!!!! It’s amazing how nosy we all are….
    You’ve given me something to think about for when I next update my blog xx


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