A whole new world on my doorstep

It is no secret that I do a LOT of running. Most of this is done outside in the countryside around where I live ( I hate treadmills with a vengeance) . Mostly I run along a mixture of tarmacked pavements / cycle paths and single track roads.


(A single track road is a road that is wide enough for one car to pass at a time and has passing places along where cars can pass.) Being in the fen we have a lot of these around and I love getting out into the countryside, away from the busy roads. The terrain is also pretty flat for runners (not cars I might add who bump along merrily!)

The last couple of weeks I have been exploring and I have found all these footpaths that I had not even considered before. They have literally opened up a whole new world of new and exciting routes just on my doorstep. I have literally found forests and places that I had no idea existed up until now.

Of course the terrain is sometimes a little harder going and a bit bumpy but that seems such a small price to pay:

A track that actually links up two roads that now makes a lovely little circuit for me.

A track that actually links up two roads that now makes a lovely little circuit for me.

This is a mound that runs for miles but not somewhere that I have run along before.

This is a mound that runs for miles but not somewhere that I have run along before. You can see for miles along here as the surrounding land is so flat.

As you can see – I could be miles from anywhere but am in fact within about 3 miles from my house. I have seen a lot of lovely wildlife including an owl and many beautiful flowers.

The wild roses are just perfect at the moment.

The wild roses are just perfect at the moment.

According to the Natural England website  there are about 118,000 miles of public rights of way in England. Of these 91,000 miles are footpaths, 20, 000 miles are bridleways and 6,000 miles byways.

Those are amazing figures. I wonder how many of us are like myself and have never really explored even the ones that are on our doorsteps? I really urge you to go out and explore. I have been so surprised by the things that I have found and you may well be too.

Are you like me or do you make good use of your local footpaths?

Do you always run / walk along the same routes without giving the little arrows any thought at all?

25 thoughts on “A whole new world on my doorstep

  1. lovelucie1

    When I run I so much prefer the off road tracks and paths. I find it exercises different muscles than usual. And a new route is always great as it takes your mind off the actual running part!

  2. allnightknits

    I love running outside, and yes…treadmills are evil. I found a few around where I grew up that I never knew existed – my husband is like a little explorer for new places to run and sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Great pics by the way!

  3. musingrunner

    I have several places that I run, but the most common is a two mile out and back from my house. I can repeat it in two directions to make it as long as I need. This lets me keep my water bottle in the mailbox.

  4. nanacathy2

    I am learning to walk on my own- but I usually tell someone where I’m going. I love the walks round me- but today in the local paper was a footpath I didn’t know about- I have kept the details for an explore! Is that new mound a railway line- disused of course?

  5. feelgoodknitting

    Gorgeous! Up til now I’ve been pretty stuck running sidewalks along busy roads, with the occasional detour into teeny tiny parks. My new neighborhood has some dedicated running trails though, and I can’t wait to test them out!


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