Pinging and Blog Directories

I am sure that all of you of you who blog want to encourage people to visit your blog? More visitors can mean more followers. (Go on admit it I am sure you check your stats on a fairly regular basis!) I have read somewhere that all bloggers want readers whatever they may admit and I am sure that there is a lot of truth in that.

I recently read a great post written by Hilary on Craft Blog UK. It is entitled

My big fat useful links for crafters.

In it she lists different sites that can be useful for you in getting your blog out there. Some of the sites are what you would expect: e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc. (No I have not yet managed to get my head around Google plus yet – have you?)

There is also a list of craft forums which I would love to find the time to spend time on but simply just can’t manage it at the moment. The  one  section that I am going to go through today is the one entitled:  Pinging and blog directories. Yep it confused me too!

I decided to do a bit of investigating and go through the list of the sites that she mentions:

  1. Submit Start:

This states:

SubmitStart allows you to submit an unlimited number of web pages to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) for Free!

I had never thought I needed to do anything like this as I believed that WordPress takes care of this side for me. I did, however think that there is no harm in registering with this site (Hilary has a lot of experience in blogging and I assume she knows what she is talking about).

Submit your blog to…

1. Share your opinions with a wider audience

2. Interact with our community of like-minded bloggers

3. Promote discovery of your content, helping new readers find your blog

4. Get featured on the Home Page!

Sounds great to me. I have registered – did you spot my lovely new badge shouting it out to the world? I shall again let you know how I get on with this.


This is a directory of sites – a bit like a huge catalogue. In order to submit your site you have to find the category that is the best match for your site. I have submitted and am now waiting to see if I am accepted. 🙂


Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.

This was really easy to do – I filled in my blog name and checked some boxes. It then sent out the pings. I was then told to bookmark the page so I can return and ping later on. Simple and easy. Thumbs up on this one.


  • You want traffic and we can help you find it.

    Getting traffic to your site starts with being listed in the search results shown on Bing. Our tools can help you with this step.

Sounds good to me. On a quick glance it looks a bit like google analytic’s (which I am not great at using either.) I have, however signed up for this one as well.


Again, very quick and easy to submit.

There are a couple more that are listed but I couldn’t get to work:

I shall update you and let you know if I notice any improvements (or otherwise). Should you wish to check out the rest of the post on craft Blog UK you can follow this link.

Let me know if you find any good ones won’t you? (Or if you know any others that you use).

31 thoughts on “Pinging and Blog Directories

  1. Martha

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to know how to attract more traffic to our own blog. I agree to a large extent to the fact that we, all bloggers, want more visitors and traffic but ultimately what really counts is not a high number of followers or visitors, it’s the comments we care about 🙂 Commentators are the people we want. It is not rare though that a blog has a large number of (silent) followers but much fewer comments left under each post. Most people simply come, read and go without leaving a trace and each blog author wants to come back to their blog to find a long list of “lovely notes” from their visitors.
    I do use twitter and facebook to spread the news about my blog and blog updates however I’m not a big fan of subscribing to every single website to increase the traffic. For 2 reasons: firstly, more subscribed websites means more spammers and spam in your inbox. Secondly after a while a number of subscribed websites starts to overwhelm me and it’s becoming too much to manage. I still like to believe in old traditional human approach – if someone likes my blog largely enough, they will come back sooner or later.
    I do appreciate and value my regular commentators so I always visit them back.

  2. bekswhoknits

    I’ve signed up to blognation. I don’t think I’ve ever got any traffic from there but I know I’ve found a few knitting blogs through that.

    I also get a lot of spam about SEO so it’s probably important but something I’ve never really researched.

  3. *Wisher*

    wow.. I know I can count you on this high tech stuff.. you set me into thinking on how to drive traffic to my blog today…yay!! what a great help…

    Actually, I wanted to comment something on your earlier post about “Help me!” I wanted to say you are great with all these technology and also all your crafting posts. I really enjoyed reading them. And i can understand like we need to have an angle when we blog or something.. but sometimes is really tough to set it.. cos we are not sure what we are good at until we really find it (well this is my small opinion of course)… but for sure.. you have one loyal reader.. and that’s ME.. LOL.. I will read all your post.. 😀

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Ahh thank you so much. Far too kind. You really need to think about your tags and key words when writing your posts as these help the search engines work out what your post is about. I am sure I have done a post on it – have a look under the blogging tips tab if you are interested. xx

        1. allnightknits

          For what? We are all in the same boat trying to figure things out as we go, and what’s great is that we get to share the knowledge with one another.
          Once (or if) I figure this out I get to tell you. Works out really well 😉

  4. Gertie

    Thanks for info. I’ll certainly be having a look at them. I too am guilty of having a sneaky look to see how many visitors I’ve had…. It’s just nice to know that you’re not talking to yourself.

    Sorry I never put a comment on your previous post (I do try and add comments on my favourite sites whenever I can). You’d already had a lot of comments and I knew I would only be repeating what had already been said. Hope you’ve managed to come to a decision xxx


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