Practice makes it easier?

It is the school holidays here in the UK. To be exact, the first full week. This means that all routines are out of the window. There is no need to jump out of bed every morning and hassle, shout and encourage everyone to get dressed, breakfasted and out of the door for school. We can get up slowly having had a relaxing cup of tea in bed before having an enjoyable fun-filled day doing nice things together.


Hmm well if you believe that you will believe anything. For a start we have been going to a club this week, everyday for a 9am start. Yes you read that correctly. For those of you who know me in real life it may surprise you to read that I am actually not organising this in any shape or form except that I am going along every day to help. This is a big step for me who can’t say “no”.


It does still mean that we have to get up and out fairly early every day. That is fine except by Tuesday night I realised that I wasn’t fitting any training in at all. This is no good at all for me. I …need…to….run…. If I don’t I begin to go a little bit mad. Every evening I had the intention of going out except I was always too tired or too busy catching up on all the jobs that I haven’t managed to do throughout the day due to it being the holidays.

On Tuesday night I decided that the only way I was going to fit it in was to go in the morning. Early. Before breakfast. Oh how I hate this. It meant that I would have to forgo my half an hour lie in and my cup of tea 😦 but it would be worth it? As a slight insurance policy I tweeted about my intention the night before. Jolly good job I did. I so nearly didn’t go. Indeed, I got up to make myself a cup of tea before I forced myself into my running kit.


I did it. I was pleased with myself. My body screamed at me for most of the way around but the satisfaction at the end was brilliant. I woke up on Thursday andΒ  it was a bit easier. The forecast was for a hot day so I knew that I would do it now or never. This time I did an interval session (having read Red Hen runs post on HIT workouts just before I left). This was hard – I was hungry, thirsty and stiff but I did it. I felt great for the whole day.


Will I manage it tomorrow? I am not at all sure. As this publishes I shall either be on my run or sitting having a cup of tea in bed. What do you think? Will it be easier again having done it two days on the trot or harder? We shall see.


28 thoughts on “Practice makes it easier?

  1. Patty

    I girl got to do what a girl got to do, so I bet you are going to run πŸ™‚ if not … well a cup of tea makes everything better, right?

  2. Red Hen

    Thank you for the mention! Do google for that Truth About Exercise documentary though for more guidance in following the HIT model than my post offers. I`m trying it out for August. Just three or four times a week of 20 second x3 hard bursts of running or cycling at the end of my jogs.
    Oh and thank you for the recent award nomination! Will get to it before month`s end too.
    Hmmm, August is being quite the busy month already!

  3. lovelucie1

    I know what you mean about missing those training sessions in the holidays. I’ve not been out on my bike for 3 weeks. With my daughter being away with her dad this week my intention was to take advantage and go out every night but it’s been ‘one of those weeks’ at works and ended up doing 7 til 7 every day.
    Third day on the trot is bound to be a toughy.

  4. Truly Myrtle

    Good on you! I am not a morning person … I keep reading things about how to become a morning person, but then in the morning I forget to do it … It’s raining here now, I hope you’re not getting wet out there πŸ™‚

  5. Ali

    I am so impressed with you. I would definitely take the cup of tea in bed option.
    Just letting you know I’ve posted about the Liebster blog award that you nominated me for, thanks.
    Ali x

  6. healthyfrenchie

    Nice! I hope you got your run in! Once you get used to running in the morning, it does get easier! Trust me, I’ve stopped and started again many times,I should now πŸ˜‰

  7. musingrunner

    It is so hot here in the summer that I have to run in the morning. However, next week when our school starts again, I won’t have that option. we have to be there too early. I hope your morning running is pleasant.

  8. daniellajoe

    sometimes you got to push yourself to just get dressed, but like you said when you are finished, you feel like a winner πŸ™‚ if it is raining i just go back to bed and dream I’m exercising lol…

  9. feelgoodknitting

    Hubby just had to switch to running before work instead of after – not something I could handle. Getting up before sunrise is hard enough without making it even earlier for a workout. You two both have more willpower than me!


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