Bedknobs and Broomstick

This week I have continued along the broomstick crochet road. I created a pendant:

Broomstick pendantAs well as some earrings:

Broomstick earringWire broomstickThe earrings have some orange crystals added along the bottom whereas the pendant has some beautiful Myuki beads added along the bottom.

Am I allowed to say that I am quite pleased with these? I think that they are unique and different to a lot of jewellery out there.

My final project this week is something that I hadn’t originally thought about being a craft until someone suggested that it was crafting on the large scale:

Yes, I made this bed. It came in kit form.....

Yes, I made this bed. It came in kit form…..

Surely this counts? In my house I am considered to be the queen of flat pack and it wasn’t until it was likened to crafting that I realised why. Up until this point I thought it was just because I was organised!

So that pretty much sums up my crafting week except for the odd bit of jewellery that I shall cover on the other blog! For now I shall be heading over to my weekly appointment at Handmade Harbour to catch up on what everyone else has been up to this week. Fancy joining me?

51 thoughts on “Bedknobs and Broomstick

  1. Ali

    Yes you’re quite right to be pleased with your jewellery, it’s gorgeous. I really like the earrings with the orange beads. I know I’ve said it before but I’m always amazed you crochet jewellery. I love putting together a flat pack. I thought I was alone in this. Wonderful bed, can’t believe you didn’t crochet one 🙂
    Have a great week.
    Ali x

  2. Alison Rimmer

    Your new jewellery is definitely unique and I love the mass of jumbly wire look. But really it’s the putting up a flat pack bed that deserves credit!! I just can’t do those at all! (Patchwork fairy)

  3. mariamadeit

    I love that set you made and I would def count making the bed as craft, we have a similar one (but I think ours may be a bit higher) and I will be crafting some curtains etc for the underneath to make a big girl bed area…

  4. Ginny

    The jewellery is pretty. I like the earrings best. I once spent a whole day making a flat pack bed, only to find I had one section upside down, and had to take it all apart.

  5. lululoves

    Beautiful Jewellery – I love the pendant with those black beads. I am very impressed that you made a whole bed, I am useless at flat pack furniture, I think because I never want to follow instructions! Have a lovely week. Em xx

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thank you. I have gone a little bit out of my comfort zone with the orange as it is not a colour that I wouold usually choose but I am really pleased with the results.

  6. fiddlyfingers

    I really like these. I would never have thought broomstick crochet would work in wire. That’s amazing. Well done on the carpentry skills! 🙂

  7. freespiritdesigns

    your jewellery this week is absolutely gorgeous! So pretty and original, you should be proud of it 🙂

    i’m rubbish with flat pack so i admire your skills greatly, the bed looks fab! x

  8. raphaele42

    I love the earring! You’re right: your jewelry is pretty unique, I would add it is gorgeous too! Happy to see you like to assemble a flat pack, I do love this myself. It surely is crafty because there is always room for error and/or creative problem solving.

  9. Martha

    Your blog should be called: tangled happy 🙂 whenever I see your wirey makes this word comes to my mind. it still amazes me how you manage to crochet with your wires 🙂 i love the orangey beads.


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