A proposal

I would like to share a proposal with you. When I am out and about I often hear people saying how they would like to start a blog. This is the reason I started the beginning blogging series in an attempt to help and support people such as this. Unfortunately I know for a fact that there are many who are still (and I understand this) procrastinating (not mentioning any names except for J, K and N? I think you know who you are ;)). So I have had a think.

Would you like to go through the process of setting up a blog as a group? I would review my posts on a weekly basis (starting from the beginning) and allow you to link up on this blog so you can share your experience with others all going through the same thing at the same time? It is the best way that I can think of to give you all a bit of support (and lets be honest a bit of a push) to get going.

I honestly believe that blogging is a truly life changing experience and want as many people as possible to get the benefits from it. You don’t have to have a crafting blog, be local to me, use WordPress or indeed, right at the start of your journey. I just think that it will be a good way to get going and build your confidence without feeling as if you are getting lost in the ether. It would give you a ready made audience of understanding people.

I may be totally wrong and be proposing a really bad idea but if you are interested, or know someone who may be then do please leave me a comment below and I will set it up. I thought that we could start in September? ….


14 thoughts on “A proposal

  1. mariamadeit

    Yes that’s a great idea, a number of people have said to me about wanting to start but to actually doing it. I use mine as like a scrapbook/ diary. Good idea to wait until schools to back too!

  2. Divine Debris

    I think that’s a fantastic idea. I myself have had difficulties starting and continuing a blog, and a lot of the anxieties stem from worrying about people reading it and even caring what you have to say. With your ready made audience, a lot of good feedback and encouragement could really be beneficial to beginning bloggers.

  3. Alanna

    What a great idea. One of my issues is that my blog doesn’t seem to have a theme… Does a blog need to have one? Is ‘lifestyle’ enough of a category? I just post what I like, but does that deter visitors who are used to one thing? I don’t know…

  4. zankaj

    I love to write and share about things that interests me which is why I started my blog. But I find getting visitors/followers to be the hardest part of blogging.

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  6. Skybluegreen

    Am I too late to join in? I’ve started a blog (thank you for your encouragement there 🙂 ), but still get frustrated at not understanding the (to me) technical language. K


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