Blogging Buddies – themes

I really hope that you enjoyed last weeks post as much as I did. It turns out that I may well be getting a lot more from this than I first bargained for. I really enjoyed finding out more about how and why you chose your names. Some of you used old nicknames (or wanted to), anagrams and some more obvious to do with the subject matter. It was also interesting to see why some of you started – some (Eleanor Lucy)  really took a huge leap of faith including a whole life style change whilst others (like me) started by just dipping a toe in. Hopefully all this insight will have helped some who are struggling with this first hurdle.

The next major hurdle to cross is to choose your theme. I have written a lot about this previously and don’t want to repeat myself so I shall just refer you to this post. One thing that I would add is that it is a good idea to have a look around at other blogs and look at what you like about them.

How did you choose your theme? If you have any questions about the theme you are using (is it clear, too busy etc) then do please leave a link below and I am sure that you will get some helpful advice from others.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies – themes

  1. Truly Myrtle

    I chose my theme because I wanted the simplest out there. I wanted to have tons of white space so that I could add a simple header and let my photos do all the talking. Not sure if it’s worked but it is lovely to have at least one space in my life that’s clutter free and clean 😉


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