Mad, stupid and insane!

This Sunday I have signed up for a Spartan Race. It is run over a distance of 5k which seems easy….the issue is that it has obstacles.

Such as fire? (oh I really hope not)

Such as mud….                              ropes and heights….         fire (?)

Barbed wire……                              walls and hurdles…..      hanging upside down…

and don’t forget the mean people with big sticks!

All around the local area there are these little signs along the roadside with quotes such as:

Um no I don’t think that I am! I am not keen on mud, jumping over fire, hanging upside down and anything else that may be thrown at me.  The race details state that we should take dry clothes and that there will be unheated water to hose yourselves down at the finish. :((( Can you hear me crying. I really do not know what has possessed me. What makes it even worse is that I paid for the humiliation.

That is if I reach the starting line!! Wish me luck.

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26 thoughts on “Mad, stupid and insane!

  1. Claire Brennan

    This looks exhausting! Kind of reminds me of the Krypton Factor assault course, though.. I always thought that looked fun! Good luck anyway, cold water hose aside it might be good fun. When are you doing it? xo


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