A surprisingly crafty week

It has been one of those weeks where I feared that I had no time for ‘proper’ crafting. I did rather a lot of sewing:

That is labels into school uniform.

That is sewing labels into school uniform.

This took a lot of my evenings up along with the planning and preparation at the computerΒ  needed for the coming few weeks. I did feel that I needed a project that I could just pick up every now and again as complete relaxation so started on this:

Some crochet in lovely yarn.

Some crochet in lovely yarn.

I shall not reveal all yet – I like to keep you guessing.

Finally, this weekend has been a bit unusual as it has been about my husband and I. We have not been running around with our children here, there and everywhere, instead they have been coming to things with us. Yesterday my husband was playing at a local music festival which meant that I had some time to have a go at two more projects:

I did a bit more kumihimo to make a 'chain' for the turquoise chips I started on holiday. A step closer to being completed.

I did a bit more kumihimo to make a ‘chain’ for the turquoise chips I started on holiday. A step closer to being completed.

I also had a go at using my new larger and bigger french knitting loom.

I also had a go at using my new larger and bigger french knitting loom.

I really like the way that the beads are encased in the wire cage.

Yes I am one of those crazy people!

Yes I am one of those crazy people!

Today has been about me taking part in a Spartan race (a race with obstacles in) rather than crafting but I shall definitely be doing a bit more crochet as a way of relaxing this evening. That is once I have been over to handmade harbour and caught up with all the great makes over there (with a well-earned glass of wine of course).

Hope you all have a great week :).



43 thoughts on “A surprisingly crafty week

  1. Love Natalie

    Well done on completing the Spartan Race! I thought of doing one of them a few years back but soon gave up the idea! I hope it wasn’t too muddy. Love the bead work as always. Have a good week x

  2. Gertie

    Well done on your race. I’ve got a sweat on just looking at the photo !!!!! It reminds me of the assault course on the game show the Krypton Factor.
    I have no idea what you’re crocheting but if the wool’s anything to go by, it’ll be pretty. Looks like the little green beads have their very own assault course… Great idea. Not something I’ve seen before.

  3. Jan@ Handcrafted by Picto

    Well done on doing the Spartan, you have my fullest admiration, yes I’ve seen the signs but the nearest you’d get me to climbing is watching my grandson at High Lodge πŸ™‚
    (Although I used to do this type of thing when I was a Scout Leader more than a few years ago)

    Jan x

  4. e1aine

    I love the beads encased in wire – and I also love the kuhimino with chips, I wouldn’t have thought to use them this way.

    That assalt course looks scary!

  5. freespiritdesigns

    oooh lots of lovely things! your turquoise chip necklace (i’m assuming) is soooo pretty, i can’t wait to see it completed! and the french knitted wire with the beads encased is such a clever idea, really eye catching, i love it.

    you’ve chosen beautiful yarn for your knitting project, i’ve no idea what its going to be but i look forward to finding out πŸ™‚ x

  6. Patty

    wow, that’s crafty alright! School is almost beginning here too, but this year I won’t be teaching and so the great deal of things to prepare have diminished.
    Love the turquoise stones and your crochet yarn which looks very soft.

  7. Bits and Bobs Crafts

    I never thought about looms and wire! This might just help me with my idea of sculptural christmas decs based on the gates at my Dad’s care home…. This is really good stuff as usual πŸ™‚ And I admire you so much for doing the Spartan thing, even when my legs were obedient my inner wimp would have prevented me having a bash πŸ™‚

  8. lovelucie1

    Well down on your Spartan race. A great accomplishment. What a great example to set for our youngsters.
    Love those blue chip beads. I love to see your jewelry makes. I look at jewelry in a new light now, when i’m tripping around the shops.

  9. Lucy Blossom

    You certainly have been busy, I would never even attempt the Spartan race (it’d be more of a crawl if I tried it). I think the yarn you’ve chosen for crochet is lovely, wonder what it’ll be.

  10. Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha

    I do think you’re bonkers doing that Spartan race, it’s making me tired just reading about it! πŸ™‚
    Where did you gat your large french knitter from? I love the way you’re encasing the beads within the french knitting.
    Have a fab week β˜†β™‘β˜†

  11. Mythillogical

    Love the effect of the beads in wire. I’m afraid I’d much ratner be crafting than even thinking of doing something like that spartan race!

  12. EleanorLucy Millinery

    Haha! There’s a lovely symmertry between your crochet projects and that obstacle course! πŸ˜‰ Love the beaded wire crochet as usual, I like how the beads looked kind of trapped inside the tube, very sureealist and very pretty πŸ™‚


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