I am a Spartan: Ahhrooooo!

I am so very glad that I didn’t give in to my fears and give my place up. I LOVED it. It was brilliant. I did get muddy but on the whole it was all doable. Basically it involved: wading though water,

and rolling underneath barbed wire:

climbing over walls,Spartan and lode 113


Climbing up high obstacles with only a rope to help you down (this was one of my worst ones – it was so high up!)Spartan and lode 134

and the dreaded jumping through fire,

Spartan and lode 118There was also a lot of dragging and carrying weights and a lot more running than I expected with a lot of it on uneven ground.

It was fab. The penalty for missing out an obstacle was 30 burpees (although this was not very well enforced). My proudest moment was when I managed 1 monkey bar (I never thought that this was possible). The worst was the two obstacles that involved me climbing up to a great height (I must not think about falling, I must not think about falling…)

It was very much a spectacle with a very rousing speech given to us before the start from this character:

Spartan and lode 106I AM A SPARTAN! AHHROOOOO

Spartan and lode 140(We were fairly lucky as the race we took part in was on military land so they were fairly restricted as to what they could do. They were, for example, not allowed to dig big pits and fill them with ice! (thank goodness for that!).



45 thoughts on “I am a Spartan: Ahhrooooo!

      1. brighthammerfitness

        I am doing two more this year, Spartan Super in Birmingham next saturday, and then Spartan Beast in November! Next year I am going to get the season pass so I can go to all the races, well up for it!
        Plus got Tough Mudder and a few others that I am going to enter as well. How about you?

  1. tgonzales

    Hi Alice!
    You have to be very proud of yourself for completing such a course. Congratulations, well done! And I felt so brave just standing atop a tree stump not doing anything. HAHAHAHAHA!
    Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Patty

    Wow, this must have been a big challenge. I really don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to run in a race like this, but I’m glad that some of us do! Well done for You!

  3. lovelucie1

    Well done you!!! Looks like great fun.
    Inspired by you I swapped my bike for my trainers and went for a run last night. With the evenings drawing in I prefer to run rather than cycle in the dark so I thought I’d better get some miles down.
    Would you do this challenge again?

  4. Clare Lewis

    Well done you Ah sounds absolutely wonderful, I know a couple who done this recently too but not sure what one and I didn’t realise it had all that climbing stuff. So you would recommend having a go then? I wanna leap over flames haha

      1. e1aine

        I think I’ll need to diet first. It looks amazing, perhaps I will try to get fit this year and take on something – a bit smaller to start though.


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