Another really busy week although unfortunately not on the crafting side 😦 I do have a couple of things to share with you however. Do you remember this?

It is called Flutterby

It is called Flutterby

Well I can now reveal the finished object:

A baby blanket.

A baby blanket.

One of my very good friends had a baby recently. She knew it would be a boy hence the bluish colours. Being for a baby also meant that it had to be very washable which this is. I suspect that it will come out of the machine almost dry. I finally got around to sending it this week and so that is the reason why I could finally share it with you.

All parceled up.

All parceled up.

I am ashamed to say that this is the first blanket that I have ever managed to make for a friend. I really hope that this will be the first and not the one and only!

The other major thing I did this week was have a go at spinning at my WI group. It was a really excellent evening. Our chair spins and she brought in her spinning wheel and gave a really interesting talk / demonstration. My Mum spun  wool when I was little but I learnt so much from this talk. It was really, really good. Towards the end we had a go ourselves using a pencil (yes, really).

spinning wool with a pencil


This was thought through really well as it was a really good way to get used to how the wool feels, works and the technique in general.

spinning wool with a pencilNot bad for my first ever attempt? Some people then went on and made a spinning spindle out of a pencil and jam jar lid but I decided to stick with what I was doing. I have borrowed my Mum’s drop spindle however and fully intend to have a go at this at home… I fear that it won’t be long before I am borrowing my Mum’s spinning wheel (if only I had more time…)

Now that the evenings are drawing in I am finding it really hard to get proper photos as my days are so busy. I shall try to find time tomorrow to take some better ones and will post them up on my Facebook page. 

I shall also take photos of the progress of my crochet project that is growing very slowly (this will also cunningly give me a bit more time to work on it! ;))

Now is the point where I say that I am linking in with Handmade harbour. I am not going to this week as I failed to get around to very many last week and am not sure that I will have a lot more time this week due to my Mother being quite ill and also attempting to move into a barely finished house …..I obviously will pop over if and when time allows but I do suggest that you pop over as there are some very talented people over there.

Hope you all have a fab week 🙂 xx




26 thoughts on “Spinning……

  1. Patty

    Love your fluffy baby blanket! Your friends’ baby will sleep like an angel 🙂
    I’ve never tried spinning, but from your words it seems worth trying, who knows one day the opportunity will come.

  2. Gertie

    I’m so sorry to hear that your mum’s not well. I hope she’s on the mend very soon. Hope the house move goes ok too.
    Lovely blanket. I’m sure it will keep him nice and warm.
    I’m so envious. I’d love to have a go using a spinning wheel. Be careful though, you don’t want to prick your finger….. xx

  3. Ginny

    I know I am commenting on the wrong post, but I do like your baby blanket. It looks so soft and cosy. And the spinning looks fun. I fancy giving it a go. Glad your family problems are getting resolved.


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