When do you blog?

Two weeks ago, I asked the question,

Why did you start blogging?

I was so pleased that I did ask this and a huge thank you to all of you who joined in. I learnt so much. It seems that I had a very narrow idea on the subject!

When thinking about this, current post, the obvious questions that came to mind following the ‘why’ are the ‘what’ and the ‘when’. I think that we have covered the what, so this week I am asking,

When do you blog and how did you decide on this?

  • Is it on an adhoc basis? Does this depend on when you have something you feel worth sharing? I definitely started like this. I had the simple aim of blogging once a week – this worked as it also coincided when I was able to produce something that I felt it was worth blogging about.
  • Is it meticulously planned? Currently, I fall into this category. In my head I have this plan where I blog three times a week; once on a Sunday when I share my crafting and join in with Handmade Monday, once on a Wednesday when I do my Blogging Buddies post and then on a Friday  – my fitness post. Originally this ‘plan’ came about because I read somewhere that blogging regularly is ideal when trying to increase readership. I am not  sure whether blogging on regular days is exactly what is meant but I tend to form little rules that I have to follow and this is what I have fallen into.

Handmade Harbour

I suppose that on one level it is important to keep blogging rather than having long gaps in between each one, that goes without saying really….but how often is regular for you? Once a week? Twice, everyday? What have you found that works for you?

This is one of a selection of free blog planners found on heartandmade

Some people take it a step further and keep a diary of blog posts planned ahead of time – similar to a calendar. Are you one of these? On the one hand, I really admire these people and would really quite like to be able to do this but I am simply unable to do this. I am, shall we say….slightly more disorganized and spontaneous.

  • Finally, some people may take more of a scientific approach: By this I mean using your blog statistics to assess which days your blog gets the most views. On WordPress your stats are easily accessed through your dashboard.


If you go through to your actual page by clicking onto the graph:

You can find your summaries here. Scroll down and you will get to a summary by day:

Mine tells me that there is not really any one consistent day that is stronger than any other.  Not sure why…..Is this the same for anyone else?

How many posts do you think is ideal? Is there ever any such thing as too many posts in a week? How do you decide when and how often you blog? Do share you thoughts as I am sure that there are many more reasons that I have yet to identify. If you fancy joining in then you can leave a link below. Thank you 🙂



29 thoughts on “When do you blog?

  1. Nice piece of work

    I don’t think I approach anything scientifically!!! My blog offerings are when the mood takes me, usually that coincides with a project I have finished or when I have something else specific to blog about 🙂 (but not always)

  2. tgonzales

    I tried to write a post 3 times a week as you did. In the last several months life has gotten in the way of the regular postings. I feel much better when I can post 3 times a week because it keeps me more organized with my thoughts and a good record of what I have been creating. Thanks so much for all the information that you provide us. I love your blog! Hugs, Tamara

  3. Gallivanta

    I am a disorganised blogger, meaning I blog when the mood takes me. At the moment, I blog 3 or 4 times a week. I always have more ideas than I have time to write. I do look at my stats sometimes. It is very interesting to see which posts are most viewed. Usually, I am very surprised by what I find in the viewing statistics.

  4. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    I usually blog once per week, occasionally missing a week when I’m ultra busy with family. I always try to show pics of my latest makes and join with HM. Looking at my ‘Posts’ page I see I have quite a few half done posts sitting in ‘drafts’. (I really should take another look at them)
    I’m not a well organised person when it comes to blogging so although I think I should do more per week I’m happy with what I’m doing. I also waffle lots, I think most of my ‘draft’ posts are a load of waffle when I’m playing around with ideas. (a bit like this reply)!!!

    Jan 🙂

  5. salpal1

    I do some of each. I do a “Friday to do list” each week. This evolved out of having time on Fridays to blog as I am home alone! But I also blog whenever I have anything that is making my fingers itch to write, or if I have a project to share.

    Too many posts? I would say more than a couple a day. 🙂 I love the schedule feature, it took me a long time to find it. Now I can write like mad when the urge strikes, but schedule postings out to other days when I know I won’t have time.

    Too few posts is a problem for me when I love a blog. I look forward to good posts on projects and life.

    I never paid attention to what days get the most views, but I think I would have to say that it is totally related to when I post, more than my reader’s preference. I think most of my readers check things out a couple of times a week at least, and so when I post, they view and that will skew the stats on that.

    I have noticed photos are better than words. Unfortunately, I am better with words than photos.

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I know what you mean re photos. It can be one thing too much but I do think that they make a post more ‘readable’. Thanks also, for flagging up the schedule tool. It is really useful for me too.

  6. Divine Debris

    I agree with the blogging regularly thing. Last fall when I began blogging with my current blog I had a lot more readers, followers and people who would visit. But then my posting became irregular and, for the most part, stopped altogether, due to school and other personal issues, and now it seems like I’m beginning all over again. I would definitely suggest setting days for blogging, as you have, because routines are very important to get into doing something.
    Also, as other people have posted about, pictures are very important, in my opinion. Lots of text and fun sayings are great, but photos can really help develop a blog that people will want to read. Photos are especially important for crafts or food blogs.

  7. feelgoodknitting

    I post whenever I have something to post, so it’s not terribly regular or predictable. I do try not to go more than 5 days or so without posting though. I definitely don’t have a strict schedule of posting specific things on specific days either, although I will occasionally save a disaster story for Messy Monday.

  8. daniellajoe

    I have started blogging 3 to 4 times a week because, blogging has grown on me, like if I am writting my diary. I refuse to blog on the weekend though, enough is enough lol 🙂

  9. *Wisher*

    i saw this post earlier and I thought i can put in some of my thoughts.. i usually blog during the weekdays.. maybe i will try to put in 2 posts per week.. 3 if i got the time.. i’m trying to cut down on time spend on the internet.. as heehee.. i tend to wander off to other sites.. 😀 thank you for your lovely tech post again.. 😀

  10. lottieknits

    I would love to say that I have a really organised blogging routine, but life tends to get in the way! I try to post at least once a week, but there are up times when I can’t as there aren’t enough hours in the day when I have a deadline to meet. There are also times when I feel inspired and have lots to post about, so then I might post 3 times in a week. I’m trying to use the draft post feature to write more at these times to save for later so that I can post on a more regular basis.


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