How much exercise?

I am finally beginning to believe in myself with regards to my fitness and running abilities. A couple of days ago I managed to run 12 miles (as well as spend the rest of the weekend packing and hauling boxes around!). I am also speeding up again. This Sunday I managed to run 5 miles at an average speed of about 8.50minute miles. This is much more what I would expect.source

I had begun to tell myself that this was because I was having proper rest days and only running three – four times a week. Then I read this post by musingsandmotion where she documented her weeks exercise program. She had ONE rest day. Yep ONE, not two or three ONE. I suddenly felt inadequate and woefully unfit. What is your view on this? I used to exercise nearly every day – when I had the time. I now like to think that I do more quality work outs? Am I just kidding myself?


I suspect that this is the important thing. I need to stop worrying about and comparing myself to others – I just need to focus on me and do what is right for me. After all we are all different so what is right for one cannot be right for all…(If only it was as easy to believe it!)



10 thoughts on “How much exercise?

  1. tgonzales

    I love that you have figured out that what might be good for one person isn’t always right for another. Personally I think anyone who is dedicated to running as you are, in my books you are simply amazing! Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Gallivanta

    I am woefully unfit!!!!! Probaby! My ambition is just to get a walk around the block. But I am not too worried. I do whatever I can do each day. My grandmother had a healthy, good life till she was about 96 years old and she didn’t go to gyms or run so I find that reassuring…. for me. 🙂 So, yes, do what is right for you!

  3. musingrunner

    Through much trial and error, I have discovered that I have to work like a sled dog or I just don’t feel good mentally or physically. (Especially mentally, can you say moody!) For whatever reason, my body needs lots of physical exertion, but I don’t run fast at all (11 minute miles is comfortable for me). Whatever works for you is best for you!

  4. raphaele42

    I have heard about these people who have only one day rest a week. But just as you I think it is different for each person as we have different body/mind/life etc. This is good you have found the rhythm that works for you, stick to it girl!

  5. feelgoodknitting

    I exercise 6 days a week (most weeks) but I definitely would not be physically capable of running 6 days a week – especially not at your distances or speed! You know your body. Push it juuuust beyond what’s comfortable.


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