Finished Object (nearly!)

This week I have been cracking on and making a real effort to crochet each and every day. I think I managed it 🙂 I certainly feel better for it and have something to show for it…..Yippee 🙂

My sock number 2!

My sock number 2!

There is only one problem. I ran out of yarn with about 2 rows to go. 😦 How annoying is that?

Can you see.

Can you see?

As I am wearing them at home and no one will see them does it matter and do I leave them like this or should I invest in another (fairly) expensive ball of wool? Deep down the perfectionist in me would say yes, you need to finish them properly but the tight me would say that it doesn’t matter…..what would you do?

I must say a huge thank you to DaniellaJoe for these socks as she hosted a CAL and got me going. I may well have reached my destination slightly behind everyone else but the detours were well worth it. (Anyone who reads her blog will understand the meaning behind this.)

Crocheting everyday has also meant that I have had time to swatch another very exciting, top-secret project in this yarn:

YarnYarnThat is the most I can let you see…..

I do hope that everyone else has had a great week, with a lot of crafting time fitted in. Why not pop over to handmade harbour and see?





55 thoughts on “Finished Object (nearly!)

  1. Bits and Bobs Crafts

    Love the socks! The one and only pair I knitted myself ran into a similar problem, so I striped another yarn through sock 2 and made them into an intentional pair of oddsocks :-). I really like the colour of the mystery yarn

  2. KerryCan

    I would totally wear those socks just as they are! You are completely capable of finishing them, so you have nothing to prove, and they look ready to get to work!

  3. Love Natalie

    Just wear your sock as they are! I am about to make myself some wrist warmers from some yarn that I know I won’t have enough of, but I have another oddment of a yarn that I love so I’m just going to finish off with that!

  4. lynn

    As a fellow perfectionist I would have the same struggle…But my frugal side would win out 🙂 I would agree with the other comments and either use them as they are or find a unique way to finish them off with an oddment of yarn :)xx

  5. Ginny

    I would probably undo a row or two from the finished one, so they are the same but a bit shorter. I have been knitted gloves (which I will probably show next week) and thought I was going to face the same dilemma. In the end I had just enough wool, but the worry took away some of the pleasure of knitting.

  6. freespiritdesigns

    Aww your socks are so cute!!! As there are several colours within the yarn maybe a good compromise would be to finish the last rows with yarn from your stash in a colour that matches one of them? x

  7. Gallivanta

    I wouldn’t have noticed, probably, if you hadn’t told me. The perfectionist in me would have been cranky too. However, what about thinking of the difference as an indicator of which sock is for the left foot and which one is for the right foot. I love my ordinary socks that have an L on one sock and an R on the other. Quite pointless really but it’s a great laugh some days when I find myself walking about with the L on the R foot etc. 😀

  8. Jill Spain (@JillSpain)

    They look really good. I know what you mean, a difficult decision. My feeling would be that as they may been seen by other people who might then want to order them form me, I would invest in the ball of wool. Hope it works out well and you have a good week.

  9. raphaele42

    The socks are lovely, they have a snuggly feel. Honestly the missing rows don’t really show and as long as your feet are happy you should be. I’ll need to make some to keep in my knitting basket as my feet get very cold in the evening 🙂

  10. Gertie

    Lovely socks. I bet they keep your feet nice and warm.
    If I were giving the socks away for a present or selling them, then I would buy the extra yarn. As they’re just for bed then I’d knit the two remaining rows with something else xx

  11. lovelucie1

    How annoying! I’m with those that suggested to undo a couple of row of the first one and add a few contrasting rows to both. That my perfectionism. My ankles would know if one was shorter than the other and I would be forever bothered.

  12. Simmi

    Ohhh the socks look lovely and I wouldn’t have noticed, so I say wear them as they are (although I totally understand the perfectionist’s struggle!!)

  13. soyofthenorth

    Love the socks. Instead of buying another expensive ball of wool could you use some you already have? The different colour could be an interesting detail.

  14. Lucy Blossom

    If you’re only wearing them at home, I wouldn’t bother with the extra row – especially if you have to buy more yarn for it. I love the colour of your yarn, can’t wait to see what it becomes.

  15. CatkinJane

    I do think they are lovely, and I think I’d be tempted to buy some more of the yarn as it’s so gorgeous – I’m sure you could find something else to make with the left over! (after all as the ad says “you’re worth it” 🙂 )


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