Blogging Buddies – What makes a post interesting?

Or to put it another way – what makes you stop reading a post?

What features do you admire and encourage you to read on?

There is a lot of competition out there so what can we do to encourage people to stay and read on?

I can share with you the ‘rules’ that I always try to apply (I do like my little rules:) )

  1. Keep it fairly short. Not totally sure how to quantify short but I know it is important. How long is too long in your eyes? Being a teacher, I am aware that children have short attention spans but adults are fairly restricted too. According to Wikipedia the average adult attention span is 40 mins. I wonder if that means a 40 minute session on the computer? I am sure that it doesn’t mean that you can expect someone to spend 40 minutes reading your blog. It would have to be REALLY amazing….People will be looking at a lot of blogs/sites/e-mails etc….


2. Try not to write in long blocks of text – this is where photographs come in. It is just off-putting. Headings may help with this, quotes and writing in different colours. It all helps to break the text up.

3. Try to include a visual element. Ideally photographs that you have taken but when not possible pictures that you have permission to use. This also helps to break the text up and is a really easy way to add interest into a post.


Are you still with me? πŸ˜‰

4. I always try to be myself when I write as, as I have said before, blogging is about building relationships and if there is a relationship then people are more likely to stay around for a bit longer.

5. I also think that you have to give your readers something. It might be information such as a post I once wrote about the origins of Kimihimo, sharing an experience that people can identify with and learn from, or even asking for help. People love to help just like they like being nosy and finding out about you.

There you have it. Nothing that is rocket science. What are your golden ‘rules’ when writing a post?


32 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies – What makes a post interesting?

  1. KerryCan

    Good points! I’m no good about following the “keep it short” one but I try to do the others. I would also add that proofreading and attention to grammar are important–I stop reading if the writing is really sloppy.

  2. Truly Myrtle

    Interesting – I like the keep it short thing too – although I am a bit of a waffler at times … Good photos. The get me every time. And I’m a nosy parker – so love a bit of background πŸ™‚

  3. lovelucie1

    Limit your reblogging. It just looks lazy. I’ve never had many views/likes/comments from something I’ve reblogged. I think if you have found something that others will find interesting, discuss it in your post and then link back.

    1. Leah

      Totally agree–glad to see someone else say this! A link back from a post you have written is so much more effective and lets your reader know why you found it interesting.

  4. Leah

    Great post! I totally agree with keeping it short..and if it’s a longer post, then I make my paragraphs shorter or do other things to give the eyes a break. You set a great example with your blog!

  5. vickymyerscreations

    I totally agree about keeping it short – of my friends who read my blog posts they mention the fact they are short – they don’t get bored! I read recently that starting a post with an image engages people… I have yet to see. I am longing to learn how to create those square type icons you often see with the key words “30 top blogging tips” type – I am sure they get pinned lots:)

  6. Gallivanta

    Gosh, I haven’t thought too much about this. I just write like I always have, only with WP, I get to add pretty pictures, which I love. I suppose if posts get too long, I stop reading them.

      1. Gallivanta

        I just write. Then I read back and decide if I have been too long winded. I am not sure what my average number of words per post would be. Generally, I think, my brain sort of stops of its own accord after about 500 words!!!!! 😦

  7. Red Hen

    I`ve only recently realised that writing and blogging are two different skill sets. And writing for a blog has a whole set of things to be considered and as you so wonderfully describe here.

    One thing that really puts me off a blog post is the whole question thing at the end of a post. Some bloggers do it All The Time. And frankly, I find it annoying and manipulative.

    In your case, it is very relevant to this post that you should pose a question. Makes complete sense to encourage us all to share our views here on this particular topic.. But when it`s done all the time it just isn`t natural.

    In the end up, with any blog, I think honesty is the most important element. To thine own self be true and all that.

    Yeah, my posts, like my comments, are too long… 😦

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Not at all. I really admire your style of writing. You somehow always seem to make it entertaining and amusing. I did ask you for your views and they are always very welcome. No matter how long!

  8. claireabellemakes

    Good tips Alice! I like to include a “call for action”, so for example I might end a DIY crochet post with “what crochet projects have you been working on? Share in the comments below!”. I think it engages the reader and encourages comments. I’m interested in what my readers have to share πŸ™‚

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  10. lottieknits

    I have to agree that reblogging for me is a big turn off. To me it feels lazy and personally I wish there was some way that you could prevent someone else from reblogging your posts, just as you have to approve a comment. One of my most liked and commented posts was reblogged on a yarn shop blog which, when I investigated it a bit further was just full of reblogged posts with no original content and to be honest it just made me feel that everyone whose posts had been reblogged there was being used to get good PR for their business.

    I always struggle to keep my posts short enough, but I think too short is a turn off too – a post that just has a picture of a finished object and then a caption that says ‘finished my ……’ doesn’t really engage me. But then I am one of those people that often ends a post with a question 😳 although it is always because I just want to hear about other people’s experiences and views. For me that is one of the joys of blogging, connecting and developing a relationship with your readers.

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I have never thought that your posts are too long. If they are interesting then I don’t think that there is any issue really. I haven’t really come across a blog that is just re-blogs except for UK patterns of something. I just get bored after a while – if I liked their blogs then I would have followed them before. I too love the relationships that develop through blogging so am not interested in quick and false ways of growing my reader levels.


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