A Crochet Sea Onion

One Saturday a month a group from my WI have been meeting up at the Cambridge Botanical Gardens to work on crochet impressions of plants. This is part of ‘The Festival of Ideas‘ which takes place in November.

Yesterday was our last Saturday. The next time we meet up we shall be putting the ‘plants’ into position in the glass houses. As the title of this post suggests, our little group was working on the Sea Onion. This is the picture that we were given to work on:

Sea OnionWe set to work on our version but were then shown the real thing – something along the lines of this:

I am not sure what you think but the real one was a lot smaller than we originally thought. It turns out that we are making a giant Sea Onion!

In processThese are all the parts before we started to put together.

I was going to show you a photograph of the fully constructed thing but it really doesn’t look very good and so I shall wait until we arrange it correctly and put it into the position. It is only a week. This will still be before the exhibition is open properly so I shall still be giving you a sneak preview. I do like to hold you in suspense 🙂

In the meantime – why don’t you pop over and catch up with all the events over on the blogs at Handmade Monday?


37 thoughts on “A Crochet Sea Onion

  1. freespiritdesigns

    Oooh what a fun project! I really love the colours you’ve chosen for all those tenticals, it will be fantastic to see the whole thing assembled next week! x

  2. raphaele42

    I can’t wait to see it assembled, the parts look very promising. This exhibition will be brilliant, will you post pictures on your blog? By the way, the smaller picture of the sea onion is not working for me, am I the only one?


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