Wire Mesh Jewellery

I have been experimenting with wire mesh and making some different necklaces with it.

1. Simple celtic knot.

2. Netted Pearls

3. A Fair Trade Christmas Necklace

4. Double Celtic Heart

For more information and details on these designs then please head over to the blog at Spoilt Rotten Beads.

Feeling Inspired?

If so then do consider entering the October Challenge. All you have to do is come up with your own design using the mesh and you are in with a chance of winning a £10 voucher to spend in the shop (or online).

14 thoughts on “Wire Mesh Jewellery

  1. KerryCan

    These are very effective and look pretty easy! Have you seen the work some metal artists do with crocheting and knitting very fine wire? I can be absolutely stunning!

  2. feelgoodknitting

    I learn so much cool jewelry stuff from this blog! I just wish I got jewelry inspiration like I get with my other art forms. I think that’s the main thing holding me back right now. Maybe as I continue to see options I could actually do I will get inspired…

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