Sew, Stick, Splatter and Salvage

I am very excited today to be able to show you an amazing book. To be honest, I have been a little bit naughty as I have had it for a while but sometimes life gets in the way.

This is the book!

This is the book!

It has been put together by the lovely Ellie from Eleanor Lucy Millinery. All for a very good cause – to raise money for The Air Ambulance Service.

It is a lovely book that I really enjoyed just looking through. It is full of lovely photographs which include lovely fabrics and pretty things. (Living in a house full of boys I can but dream of pretty things. ;)) The idea behind it is to use second-hand things and up-cycle them into new, useful things.

The projects include buttons, material, pottery and cups and saucers. Most of them are easily accessible, requiring little previous skill, a bit of glue and the odd bit of sewing. The one obvious example is a knitted snood project.

A cake stand made from plates and glasses.

A cake stand made from plates and glasses.

Beautiful picture frames.

Beautiful picture frames.

You can’t really loose on this book. By buying it you are supporting a very good cause and getting a lovely book full of great ideas which is also lovely to look at.

I am giving my book away to one lucky person. In order to be in with a chance I would like you to share an up-cycling idea that you either would like to have a go at or have done. If you have blogged about it then do please leave a link so we can pop over and have a look. You never know – it may form part of New Wings for Old Things Book 2! πŸ™‚ I shall draw a random winner one week from today on Wednesday 30th 2013.

I am really looking forward to reading about your up-cycling adventures.



28 thoughts on “Sew, Stick, Splatter and Salvage

  1. lindarumsey

    I cut up my children’s old cot mattresses into rectangular cushions and covered them in fabric to match their curtains. That was a few years ago. Then last year I knitted covers to cover up the fabric and keep up with their room decor!

  2. Hannah

    I have been really enjoying making my own plarn from plastic bags right now, its great as (at the moment) it means free yarn and I get to keep them out of the landfills. I have been making bags right now but have lots of ideas for future projects! πŸ˜‰ Hope you are well sorry I’ve not been by for a while xx hugs xx

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Please tell me that they aren’t biodegradable? They are great things to do but quite hard on the arms. Looking forward to seeing some FO’s? Never apologise about your absence. I understand. xx

    1. vickymyerscreations

      Oohh I have seen a lovely fabric covered CD’s as coasters, pinned on Pinterest – not that it is a new idea but it is one I intend to do! One day once I have sorted the kids DVD’s and confiscated all those that have scratches etc!!!

  3. Vix

    My grandad died earlier in the year and I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful 1950s kitchen cabinet. It’s currently in the shed but will be sanded and repainted and turned into craft storage when we’ve figured out where to put it πŸ™‚ x

  4. Gallivanta

    I haven’t done any upcycling lately unless you count placing a mat and an old sheepskin in a cardboard box to make a bed for the cat, which she won’t sleep in, anyway 😦 Looks a truly lovely book though. Love the blue plate cake stand in the first photo.

  5. healthyfrenchie

    What a lovely book! I haven;t done as much up-cycling as I would like to lately. I have in the past sanded and painted a horrible old dresser dark blue. I also transformed a curtain into a pencil skirt once πŸ™‚

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  7. Tiff Jordan

    Lovely book! I love up cycling but often it’s the ideas to get started that stump me. My latest project is collecting wool jumpers from the charity shop which I’ll cut and curl to make into little wooly cupcake pincushions. Cute for Christmas!! X


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