I am no longer alone

I was so happy to read this post yesterday because I now ‘know’ someone else doing the London Marathon. I have followed Fairweather Runner almost from the start of my blogging days, so I feel that I know her quite well. I completely admire her and am nowhere near her standard but just knowing that someone else is training will spur me on and mean that I am less likely to skip sessions ( I don’t want that guilty feeling of reading about a training session that I skipped.)


So how about the training so far?

Well it has been happening (mostly ;)). Week 1 went well:

MONDAY: Recovery run. – 4 miles actual

TUESDAY: Threshold run (2x 10 mins fast with 2 mins recovery) pleasantly surprised by my ability.

WEDNESDAY: 30mins cross training / 30mins recovery – 4 miles actual.

FRIDAY: Kenyan Hills – Did 2mins hill for 20 mins with 2mins recovery + strength

SATURDAY: 75 minute run – did 10 miles.

Week 2 saw illness in the family but I still did OK.

MONDAY:  25min recovery – 4 miles done.

TUESDAY: 30 minute hill run – honestly can’t remember if I did anything but think I went to the gym.

WEDNESDAY: Cross Training – 3 mile run.

Friday: 4×6 mins at 10k pace with 5 min jog in between – nothing 😦

SATURDAY: long run 90 mins – nothing.

SUNDAY: rest – 8 miles pace 9.30 min miles.

Week 3 saw a very work heavy week (2 days turns into 4 long days!)

MONDAY: 30 min recovery – 4 miles

TUESDAY: Threshold 2x 15min fast with 5 min recovery – rested – legs ached!

WEDNESDAY: Recovery 20 mins run or cross training – – managed 2×10 mins fast.

I guess it is not too bad as although I am not replacing like for like I am pushing myself. It is also early on. My biggest problem is that I work weds pm, Thursday and Friday and I am shattered Saturday. I also do a job that you can’t leave at work so work days are pretty much chocka. I need to work around this and think about how to manage it. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Next week is half term. I have a half marathon booked in for Sunday the 3rd so my running partner says that we should taper next week? My legs certainly could do with it – they feel very achy a lot of the time at the moment.




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