Finally we have a winner.

Drum roll please……

The winner of this amazing book:

This is the book!

is……..the………amazing…….. and…..wonderful


Congratulations. Drop me an e-mail or dm your address and I shall post it your way. For those of you who were not lucky enough to get your hands on this copy why not go to this link and buy your own? You will get a great book as well as giving some money to a very worthy cause.

I have not had a good week on the blogging front, in fact I have not posted for a whole week on either of my blogs :(. It may not get any better this coming week either as I am jury duty. It may mean that I have loads of time on my hands for blogging, or that I have even less time. We shall see. I hope it is the latter!

Hope you all have a great crafty week. xx


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