Lode Half Marathon

A week ago last Sunday I ran my first half marathon since the marathon in May. Although I didn’t run the race last year I do remember that it was an awful day – pouring with rain, windy and cold. I was very relieved therefore to wake up to a bright and sunny day. The forecast was for wind and windy it was.  As the race is run on open fen roads wind is a given.

Lode Half

2013-11-03 09.34.37

This is the social club where we picked up our numbers.

This race is only in its third year which didn’t mean that it wasn’t very well organised. It is  a fairly small race with only space for 200 runners which was a really nice change. I think that the biggest surprise was that there were no queues for the toilets, in fact there was a longer queue for the mens!

The route is flat and potentially fast. The National Trust have spent a lot of money and upgraded a lot of the route making it into a cycle way. They have added a new bridge which obviously provided a bit of hill work into the mix!

Lode Half 008The terrain  was very  mixed – tarmac, mud, gravel. Luckily they put wood over the top of the cattle grids thus preventing sprained or broken ankles. 😉 At one stage I was really worried that we would have to run up steps to get over a bridge as this would really have finished me off coming just before the half way point and then again fairly quickly afterwards as it was an out and back course.

This is the bridge I feared we would have to cross.

If you look behind the bridge however you can see a bridge that is up in the air.  Luckily this was down so we were able to run over it. Phew!

The out and back nature of the run had the disadvantage of the wind being behind us on the way out and against us on the way back. Being open fenland there is absolutely no shelter from it and it was quite tough going at times, especially as we got tired.

This is one reason why I made the decision to train whatever the weather. You can never dictate the weather on race day can you?

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