Fed up with knitting?

I can hear all fellow knitters out there shouting NOOOOOOoooo. Impossible. Well I can tell you that it is not. Last Monday I sat for 6 hours, shut in a room with nothing other than knitting to do. Sounds like bliss? Well I would have thought so too, until it happened. I did have an hours break for lunch when I went out to stretch my legs. I also did quite a bit of nattering during the time. But I have to say that I was a bit fed up of knitting towards the end.

Maybe I should have read this first?                                        Source

The plus side is that I have very nearly completed my second sock 🙂 In a week? I know. Amazing.  I have just got the toe to finish followed by a bit of Kitchener stitch. I wasn’t put off for long as I soon picked it back up. I was on a bit of a mission you see. I look forward to showing you all the completed pair very, very soon. I have to finish them now!

24 thoughts on “Fed up with knitting?

  1. youngatfifty

    You might think 6 hours is a lot but you do need that much time to do some credible work …knitting and crochet does take a LOT of time 🙂 yes it gives you cramps too 😉 Looking forward to seeing the socks.

  2. KerryCan

    I believe it’s possible to get sick of knitting. I know for a FACT that it’s possible to get sick of chocolate, too, after the week I’ve had! I hope we both get over it!

  3. Ali

    If it was crochet I could possibly manage 6 hours. But not knitting it seems to take me ages. Glad to hear another sock is done and that book looks very interesting.
    Ali x

  4. helen

    looking forward to seeing the completed socks.
    I’ve only just got back into knitting so I haven’t had any ‘fedupness’ yet.
    Great link to the grafting. Now I know what it’s official name is. When I first did it I was just following words and not pictures so wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. It’s amazing how seamless it is when it’s finished (well, to me anyway!)

  5. Truly Myrtle

    That made me laugh – I barely have time to pick up my needles a the moment, a whole six hours sounds like heaven. But, you’re right. Maybe I should read that book too 🙂

  6. lottieknits

    I have a fairisle something (can’t say any more at the moment) to knit in 4ply with 300-400 sts to a deadline. I expect half way through that I will feel the same. Wish me luck! I’m on ‘holiday’ from my day job this week, so instead of resting and having some ‘me’ time I have designing, pattern writing and sample knitting to do – some days I might be doing 12 – 14 hours of knitting. Pattern and sample no.1 nearly done, hoping to finish it today, then to start on the fairisle monster! The knitting may get tedious after a bit, but it beats staring at a screen of charts and patterns that need checking. 😊

  7. Gertie

    It’s been one of those weeks so am only now catching up with my blog reading !!!!!

    Wow, six hours of solid knitting. No wonder you’re sick of it. You would have had to pries the needles out of my hands if I’d that amount of knitting… xx


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