We have a Pair!

For all you doubters out there….

I have finished my very first pair of socks šŸ™‚

Yes they do fit!!!

Yes they do fit!!!

socks 032

The pattern is lovely and I am very proud of my short row heels.

socks 040

The kitchener stitch that I have now mastered joins the toe to the pattern seamlessly.

socks 037 socks 036

To say that I am proud is a slight understatement. They are soft and very comfortable to wear. Whether I will dare to wear them I cannot yet say. They may simply sit in my drawer to be taken out and admired every now and again. The idea of wearing a hole in them is simply too painful to bear.

Will I be making more? Probably.



51 thoughts on “We have a Pair!

  1. lottieknits

    Well done! They’re lovely and a fab colour too šŸ™‚ I am yet to fall in love with knitting socks (not for the want of trying) and still have two socks from different pairs on the needles!

  2. Gallivanta

    You should be proud! They are beautiful. The toe, the heel, the fit, the pattern; perfectly lovely. I think if you don’t wear them, KerryCan’s idea is a good one..frame them šŸ™‚

  3. lovelucie1

    Superb!!!! You have to wear them! Then you have to go around all your friends’ houses who have a ‘no shoe policy’ and show them off!
    Well done. I would be extremely proud of these. What method did you use? Did you follow a tutorial or a pattern. Can’t wait to start some of my own. What was the yarn?
    Sorry, so many questions!

  4. Leah

    Yeah!!!!! That’s awesome, and they are gorgeous!!! It’s a big deal to get through your first pair, and those are extraordinary!!

    I usually give my socks away because I can’t bear to see them get holes either…if I give them away, my memory of them is still intact!!

  5. mudarissa

    Well Done:) I love knitting socks but have never knitting the heel that way- looks great- will have to give it a try. What’s next? Look forward to seeing it.

  6. youngatfifty

    wow ! they are so intricate and gorgeous. A superb job for a first try. I can understand why you want to treasure it in the drawer …the labour, time and the beauty cannot be worn away by a hole !!!

  7. thegeekerycraftblog

    Beautiful! Sadly, I am just not a knitter… I’ve tried… and failed… miserably. But these are gorgeous and I envy yoU! Keep up the good work! Love them, They look especially comfy on this chilly night šŸ™‚

  8. Gertie

    WELL DONE !!!! They’re gorgeous. I just love the pattern and the colour is stunning. If you want to wear them but not too often, how about making them bed socks xx

  9. macstabby

    Lovely! I’m afraid to start socks for the simple reason that there are TWO and I’d probably get bored before I was through! That color is great and the stitch is so pretty.

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