Aiming For Super Mum.

This weekend has all been about my boys (isn’t it always?), part from the usual ferrying around that is. On Thursday we had a rather odd e-mail from the school (mid OFSTED I might add) along the lines that it was rumored that The Daleks were going to spoil Christmas at the school. In order to try to prevent this they should wear bow ties, a Fez and bring sonic screw drivers in on Monday. Hmm. I truly fear that the Head has lost it.


Dalek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a Dalek should you be unaware.

We do not have three bow ties in our house let alone 3 sonic screw drivers so I set to work straight away. I found a really cute pattern for a crochet bow here via RavelryΒ  (where else?) My eldest wanted black, ,my middle, yellow and my youngest multi-coloured (what else?)

The black one

The black one

The yellow one.

The multi coloured one. It is finished now but I took these photo’s when the sun was out!

In fact I have actually made 5 of these this weekend end as I made one each for my nieces too. πŸ™‚

4 completed bow ties.

4 completed bow ties.

Then, this morning we made sonic screw drivers. The internet again came to my rescue in the form of Pinterest.

This is what we were sort of aiming for:


We found this brilliant tutorial using a pen, clay and a marble. Doable?

These are what we came up with.

These are what we came up with.

Unfortunately I forgot to buy the marbles when I was buying the supplies yesterday but I obviously have lots of beads around which I think worked out just fine. Making your own means you can add your own little details. One added buttons by adding extra beads along the side and the others got creative with their decorations.

Showing the marble end of the screw drivers.

Showing the marble end of the screw drivers.

We did have fun making these. I don’t think that this is bad for a weekends work considering we also had all the usual activities to do as well. I just hope they defeat the Dalek’s!


28 thoughts on “Aiming For Super Mum.

  1. Red Hen

    I used to hate when the kids came home from school with a note saying they`re having Bok Character day or a play the next day which would require dressing up! But then I`m not as creative as you!

  2. Nice piece of work

    I am in awe. I used to loathe having to do this kind of thing, especially at the last blooming minute (or what felt like it), but not only did you pull it off, you pulled it off for THREE and those sonic screw drivers are incredible. You don’t have to aim for the SuperMom status, I think you already achieved it. πŸ™‚

  3. Gallivanta

    The Daleks won’t know what has hit them; they will be overcome by the cuteness of the bowties; stunned by the ingenious screwdrivers and devastated by the Fez x3(which are where??) And they will be turn tail at the thought of the super mum who could prepare a Dr Who (x3) at a moment’s notice.

  4. thegeekerycraftblog

    That is absolutely fantastic! I wish my kids school would do something like that! Sadly, here in small, farmtown, USA they’d probably look at me funny even to suggest it lol. Great work with the DIY… Ravelry and Pinterest… Oh how I love them… You seen the dalek egg coozy on ravelry? Made one for my mom, she was in heaven πŸ™‚

  5. Gertie

    You are indeed a ‘Super Mum’ (and Aunt…) to make all those in a weekend. Hopefully you will keep us informed as to how the Dalek battle went- somehow, though, I don’t think Daleks would stand a chance…. xx

  6. teaspoonofmel

    That’s certainly an odd request for a school outfit! I’m sure there was a lot of Googling going on by all of the families, especially those unfamiliar with Dr. Who. Sounds like a fun idea for the kids though, battling robots while wearing bow ties!
    You did a great job with the bow ties and sonic screw drivers!


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