Christmas Earrings

It has probably not escaped your notice that we are racing towards Christmas at an alarming rate. It is the season of parties, plays and general busyness. Every year I see people wearing lovely Christmas earrings and brooches but am never organised myself. This year it is different. All thanks to Spoilt Rotten Beads that is. Not only that but my earrings are crystals, pure Swarovski. Not many people can claim that I know. πŸ˜‰

Wire mesh 076

This is enough to make two pairs. It is all you need – 10 crystals per pair.

Wire mesh 078

These are the crystals close up – the traditional green trees.

Wire mesh 080

….and the clear crystal.

Wire mesh 081

You simply thread the crystals onto a head pin and attach to ear wires.

That is all there is to it. I have really enjoyed wearing these this year. There is still time to make a pair as a last-minute gift….they come as a kit. Looking on the website, I see that there are also snowmen. I may be popping over to the store tomorrow…..



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