Up and Down.

Training. Hmm. The date when official training should start is getting far too close for my liking. I seem to be in a pattern of having a good week followed by a bad week. Today, I wondered what on earth I am doing. My whole body seemed to be screaming at me, aching and hurting where it really shouldn’t be.

Two weeks ago, however, I had a much better time. I felt that I was getting faster and had settled into a ‘sort of a’ routine. I ran a paced one, an interval one, a recovery one, a longish one and a hill one. All in one week. Smug? well a little. Especially with the hill session.

I ran four miles all within one mile of my house, I even managed to find a ‘hill’ (for around here anyway).

I bet it doesn't look much like it to many of you - go on have a good laugh!

I bet it doesn’t look much like it to many of you – go on have a good laugh!

It does go on a bit further...

It does go on a bit further… I think I may have to take a photo at the bottom. Maybe it will look more like a hill from there?

I sprinted up it six times, jogging back down I felt strongish and on top of my mental doubting voice. The next week I barely ran at all. I still live with the good feeling which is what makes me keep going out and ‘trying’ to run.

How do you get yourself back into the ‘grove’? I hope mine comes back very soon. xx

19 thoughts on “Up and Down.

  1. lovelucie1

    I think you have answered yourself in your first paragraph where you say, ‘the date when the official training should start’.
    Official training hasn’t started yet.
    You are not yet required to be in that mental frame of mind.
    Just keep things ticking over and enjoy the way being fit makes you feel. Your running mojo will kick straight back in when your ‘official’ plan kicks off.

  2. Red Hen

    Gosh, getting in and out of the groove… I know that feeling well. Mixing up my runs helps, so will Janathon, which I`m considering signing up for again.

    Great to see where you run. And yes, it`s a hill!

  3. feelgoodknitting

    In and out of the groove is the name of the game for me. I think I’d need to round out my running wardrobe with more rain and freezing-cold tolerant clothes to be able to stay “in the groove”. It’s the time away from outdoor runs that consistently kills my run times and distance.


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