2 mice and a hat.

I realise that I have held you all in suspense for far too long….sorry about that. It was actually finished last week but you know how things take over?



...turned into this.

…turned into this, a hat for my wonderful husband.

He requested one, in grey and when I bought the magazine – Simply Crochet (issue 12) they had the perfect design right there. (The fact that it was designed by my lovely friend Joanne Scrace was just a happy accident.) It is crocheted in King Cole Riot Chunky which has this lovely self strip effect. It worked up really quickly. I hope he likes it!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who commented and left their words of wisdom on my post last week regarding my dilemma, I really, really, appreciate it. I have decided to go ahead and make them.

My initial thought was to crochet them as I always think that it is easier but I then got my head around knitting and decided this was the way forward. Once I had got my head around it they didn’t take that long at all.

Christmas 2013 018Once the features were added they really came together:

I have to say that they look so cute. I am really pleased with them.

I have to say that they look so cute. I am really pleased with them.

All I have to do is add little aprons to them using the fabric that she has given me. This HAS to happen tomorrow.

I am then on to the last few details before Christmas. (Wrapping presents etc) I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, filled with joy and happiness. xx



35 thoughts on “2 mice and a hat.

  1. youngatfifty

    Have not seen a cuter mice than this !!! Just perfect …the white colour and pink ears. I am sure your mice are far better than whoever was meant to do it 🙂 Simply love them. Is there any crochet pattern for this? Cant figure it out from the picture ..which I normally do LOL (my secret is out ) !! I definitely want to make a few of these. The hat is gorgeous too. What stitch is it ?

      1. youngatfifty

        You think you can work a rough guide ? …like starting chains in a round, increases/decreases per round. I am sure the pattern should be the same, stitches I am guessing are different in crochet and knitting… I just need a rough guide. I have fallen for your mice 🙂


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