Crafting blues


Many would agree with me – Christmas is a very busy time of year, fun and enjoyable, but busy. This does not just apply to the actual day itself. When I began to feel all out of sorts yesterday I had to have a good long think:

1. Had I been spending time with my family? Yes.

2. Had I managed to do some running? Yes.

3. Was I really stressed? No.

So what was wrong? I gradually realised that I had not had any time for crafting. I have nothing on my hook, my needles or on my beading board. There was nothing that I could easily pick up and get on with in the odd five minutes. This is not good for me. I needed something that I could do that required little or no thinking. I had none.

So today I have:

1. Played the piano.

2. Made a novelty cake for my son’s birthday tomorrow.

3. Made two earrings.

4. Completed a park run with two of my children.

The world is now a better place 🙂

I hope that you have all fitted in your vital activities over the festive period.


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30 thoughts on “Crafting blues

  1. JenR

    Sounds like a great day! I’ve been so excited to start all the projects I had been holding off on that I’ve got things all over the house now!!

  2. Red Hen

    Yep. the holiday season has just made me totally lazy. A break from everything is important. But it`s nice to get back to that feeling of getting things done too.

  3. KerryCan

    I think I know just how you feel! Now that I’m done the Christmas rush with the candy-making on Etsy, I’m back to doing creative things that just please me. There’s a big quilt that just might get finished today . . .

  4. Nice piece of work

    What works for me is being able to crochet or sew or knit something that isn’t for a market or for an order! It’s my “creative” time. and yes, I also get out of sorts if I don’t have time for that. Lovely post – glad you found your way to earrings and cakes 🙂

  5. helen

    I sat down on Christmas eve evening and felt at a loss as I didn’t have any knitting on the go. Back at home now after family visits and can get back in to the swing of things. Glad you found a way to keep busy.

  6. feelgoodknitting

    Having that couple of minutes to create is definitely important, and it’s amazing how those days where I’m too tired or busy to do so really drain me. I think it’s one of those things I just need to force into each day, like exercise, for my own good.

  7. lovelucie1

    3 days with no proper exercise was enough to make me ratty. 2 days without something in my hands was just about bareable. But all is right with the world now here too. I know exactly how you were feeling!


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