So that was 2014……

I cannot believe that I am sitting here on the very last day of 2014. In equal amounts it seems ages, but also no time at all since I did this a year ago.

2014 the year that saw

a break in blogging (boo, far too much work :()

a very nasty chest infection (which caused me to miss running the London Marathon 😦 )

less crafting than I would like ( again I blame the work).

On a more positive note it saw:

Probably the thing I am most proud of in 2014.

In my eyes my biggest crafting achievement of 2014.

Another thing that I am very proud of was this headline that appeared in a local newspaper:

How teacher Alice, of Burwell, battled postnatal depression and won – and will run the London Marathon for Mind

Source thanks to Cambridge Evening News

I was finally able to talk about my experiences with Post natal depression.

Here are a few more:

I also learnt how to knit colour strand using both hands (something else that I am proud of.)

So what about 2015?

– more blogging (I hope).

– more running (I need to do the marathon this year or I lose my chance)

– I need to get on top of WordPress as during my break they changed things and I am not sure that all the posts I have written have actually been published :()

– dressmaking

– a bit of knitting and crochet along the way.

Here’s to a lot of adventures and great things for 2015,

Enjoy,   Alice.xx


4 thoughts on “So that was 2014……

  1. helen

    Good luck for the Marathon this year, I look forward to hearing all about it.
    Yes, WordPress has changed a bit, I like the comfort of what I know and get confused easily!


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