New trainers already?

On April the third 2013 I wrote a post about my new trainers:

My new clean, bouncy trainers.

This is what they look like now:

My dirty trainers.I have only had them 8 months!

I think I must be particularly harsh on trainers to do this to them.

I think I must be particularly harsh on trainers to do this to them.

Being the end of the year I shall soon be able to tell you exactly how far I have run in them (as well as how far I ran in 2013). I didn’t think that it was that far as after the marathon in May I cut right back on my running.

Trainers are meant to last 600 miles before you need new ones. I doubt if I managed that. Anyway, with the marathon training about to start in earnest I thought it best to invest in some nice new ones (apparently my husband did too as he bought me a voucher for Christmas :))

My lovely new ones.

My lovely new ones.

They are the same style as my last two pairs but this time I got a different colour. My son likes the bright laces πŸ™‚



I wonder how long this pair will last…


12 thoughts on “New trainers already?

  1. Gallivanta

    Is that 600 miles of running or just general movement? Can you return them, I wonder, if they haven’t lasted the distance? They look very comfortable and I love the bright colours.

  2. feelgoodknitting

    Hubby’s tend to last about 6 months – I think running in the rain and mud and nastiness must be harder on them than 600 miles on a track. I don’t run anywhere near that kind of mileage, so mine last a year or more!


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