Training Update

Are you wondering? Weeeell. OK I guess :). My long run is up to 15 miles, which I have to be honest, feels a very long way. The first week I did it I wondered what an earth I was doing. In preparation for a hilly 20 miles race later in my training the routes we have chosen are as hilly as we can make them. This really told in my legs.

This week, however, my legs coped much better :). The actual times were not that much different but this week we battled a strong wind on some of the steepest hills. Oh and rain.

In other news I am having some sessions to try to prevent injury with all the miles that I am running. (up to 42 this week!) My first session was last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I started by rolling with foam rollers:source

These are more like instruments of torture and HURT.


These are much more comfortable and I shall be sticking with these for the time being. I had read about these before but never tried them. I like and will be investing in some asap.

The rest of the session was based around simple exercises to build up the muscles in my legs that are not used all that much when running but that are all important in preventing injury. Any weights that I used were very light so as to not overload my muscles and interfere with my training. I have been doing a few of the exercises at home since then and am looking forward to continuing on with them (as long as I can find the time!)

Meanwhile I am keeping my fingers crossed for less wind, rain and hail. I am fed up with being soaked and blown around.



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